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As a clinician, you are in a position to provide guidance and accurate information about COVID-19 to your patients. Below, you will find links to resources and infographics in English and Spanish that can easily be shared with your patients.  

Keep Patients Informed about Changes to Your Practice

Communication with patients is key during this time. Use your practice website, practice portal and established social media channels to communicate information regularly. Keep them informed of any potential changes to your policies on appointments, providing non urgent care, your availability via telemedicine platforms, etc. 

Help patients prepare for a telemedicine visit:

    Share information about COVID-19Coronavirus Symptoms Chart

    Provide links to high quality information from trusted health resources, including local resources.

     Encourage Patients to Protect Themselves

    Slow the Spread of COVID-19             COVID-19 and Asthma Infographic for Patients              Protect Yourself from COVID-19 Infographic              5 Things to Keep in Mind during the COVID-19 Pandemic              Advice for High Risk Individuals              Fitness During COVID-19 Infographic

    Resources in Spanish / Recursos en español

    Written Resources / Recursos escritos
    INFOGRAPHICS / infografias 

    (Updated October 2020)

    Evite la propogacion del COVID-19​​​​​               ​​Sintomas del Coronavirus                              

    El Covid-19 y el asma               Protejase del Covid-19               ​​​​​​5 Cosas              Consejos Sobre La Pandemia Del Covid-19                El estado fisico durant el covid-19

    External Resources / recursos externos

    CDC: COVID-19