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Your wellness is important to the AAAAI!

The AAAAI aims to provide you with resources that you might need to help to manage the stressors and uncertainties associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our Physician Wellness Toolkit includes a number of resources to help you combat burnout, prioritize your wellness, and maintain your resilience during this challenging period. 


A message from the AAAAI Wellness Group (4/15/20)

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Key Takeaways from the Video 

Ongoing uncertainty and a number of stressors related to COVID-19 may increase physician burnout.  

To combat feeling burned out and to promote our own wellness, we should remember that everyone is being affected by changes related to COVID-19 and aim to be kind and compassionate. We should recognize that we will likely not be as productive as we were at baseline, and that is ok!

We can model wellness with these strategies:

  • Prepare for the day as though we are going to the office even if we are staying at home.
  • Check in with staff.
  • Utilize resources that are available to us.
  • Stay connected and remember that physical distance does not have to mean loneliness! 

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Additional Resources

AAAAI Physician Wellness Toolkit 

AMA Physician Health and Well-Being Resources

FACE COVID: How to respond effectively to the Corona crisis Available as a PDF e-book and/or a video

Headspace Currently offering free subscriptions to healthcare workers.

Ten Percent Happier Currently offering free subscriptions to healthcare workers.

The Art of Living Foundation Currently offering its breath-based meditation program, online and at no cost, to all healthcare workers across the United States.The self-paced program teaches evidence-based breathing practices, including several deep breathing exercises which could be particularly helpful during COVID-19. 

Webinar on Physician Resilience from the American Academy of Pediatrics (Recorded 4/13/20)


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