Image of SARS-CoV2 Virus with Text: Resources for A/I Clinicians

A Message from the AAAAI

Image with Link to Video of AAAAI President Dr. Fasano Welcoming Viewers to the AAAAI COVID-19 Resources PageAs the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) spreads across the globe, we recognize the importance of our roles as healthcare providers, particularly to patients known for asthma, other allergic conditions, or immune deficiencies who may be at a higher risk of experiencing severe symptoms from the disease. The same way that you are committed to your patients, practices, and communities, we at the AAAAI remain committed to providing you with resources that will help you navigate this difficult period.

Watch Dr. Mary Beth Fasano's video welcome to the Resources page by clicking the From the President image or read the transcript here.

If you have any specific questions regarding the treatment of patients or management of your practice, please contact us at

For the latest information on COVID-19 and our resources, read the messages sent to members from the AAAAI COVID-19 Response Task Force.

COVID-19 Vaccines, Monoclonal Antibodies and Other Treatments

New developments related to vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 are being released rapidly. Check this page regularly for the latest updates.

Summaries of Key Topics

Important Update SymbolVaccine Data and Approvals

Vaccine/Component Reactions

Vaccine Distribution and Administration

Preparing Your Practice Team

Monoclonal Antibodies and Other Treatments

Virus Variants and Vaccine Information

Guidance and Resources from the AAAAI

AAAAI COVID-19 Response Task Force Guidance on Administration of COVID-19 Vaccines Related to Concerns of Allergic Reactions

Ask the AAAAI Questions asked by members and answered by the COVID-19 Task Force.
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Read this comprehensive resource document on COVID 19 vaccines from the AAAAI’s Advocacy partner, Hart Health Strategies.

External Resources

Resources for A/I Clinicians

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COVID-19 Articles in AAAAI Journals

The AAAAI journals are offering free access to the articles they publish related to COVID-19. Visit their COVID-19 pages by clicking the logos below.  

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Home 

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Virtual Journal Club


Visit the In Practice Virtual Journal Club page for a list of upcoming and previous journal clubs.

Ask the AAAAI about COVID-19

The AAAAI invites you to send your COVID-19 questions to Questions and responses that might be helpful for a wider audience are provided in the links below.

Administering Immunotherapy


Immunocompromised Patients

Other Important Issues


Ask Us - Email

Advocacy Updates and Outreach Tools

The AAAAI is committed to advocating for our members and your patients, and maximizing our effectiveness requires broad engagement: AAAAI leadership, our Advocacy Committee and other volunteer leaders, our team of government relations experts at Hart Health Services, and our professional staff; but most importantly – our members. Member engagement in advocacy outreach is important at the national, state, and local level. Visit our special COVID19-focused advocacy page frequently for the latest on related national news: AAAAI COVID-19 Advocacy 

Engagement on the national level is just one part of impactful outreach. We are pleased to provide you with resources to use in your own community. There’s a template media alert you can use to describe the unique perspective that you as an allergist can offer, and a template press release on what patients need to know about asthma and COVID-19. There’s a set of talking points to get you started, but of course your discussion of what’s happening in your own community is the most influential. Modify the templates for your own use in your community. Please note that use of these materials is for your own outreach and not on behalf of the AAAAI, but please let us know how it goes and send your clips or questions to

 COVID-19 and Asthma Template Press Release.docx

 COVID-19 Talking Points for Allergists to Use with Media.docx

 COVID-19 Template Media Alert.docx