Key Takeaways from the Video

Ongoing uncertainty and a number of stressors related to COVID-19 may increase physician burnout.  

To combat this, we should remember: 

  • Everyone is being affected by changes related to COVID-19.

  • Aim to be kind, patient, and compassionate. 

  • Recognize that you probably won't be as productive as you were at baseline, and that’s ok!  

It is important to model wellness. Some strategies for doing this include: 

  • Prepare for the day as though you’re going to the office even if you’re staying home. 

  • Check in with your staff and see if they have questions or concerns. 

  • Communicate and share information with colleagues in a timely fashion. 

  • Don’t hesitate to get professional help. 

  • Consider meditation or spirituality practice. 

  • Limit your intake of news that you find stressful. 

  • Think about things that you are grateful for each day. 

Utilize the resources that are available to improve your wellness, such as: 

Physical and social distance does not have to mean loneliness! Make meaningful connections by: 

  • Reaching out to friends and colleagues. 
  • Connecting with others on social media. 
  • Moving some of your previous activities to online meetings (e.g., workouts, book clubs). 



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