Vaping has rapidly become popular and prevalent in adults and teens. Vaping of nicotine and marijuana is common, is being considered for medication administration, and is in the news for use in smoking cessation as a safer alternative to cigarette smoke. Meanwhile, the evidence for health risks is emerging.  This session will utilize the format of NPRs popular 'Car Talk' and discuss questions, concerns and controversies our AAAAI membership and allergists might encounter regarding this topic.

Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss the potential of E-cigarettes and vaping to cause nicotine addiction and serve as a gateway to cigarette smoking and other drugs
  • Discuss how E-cigarettes and vaping may be more and/or less safe than cigarette smoking


Moderator Introduction
Neil Alexis, PhD
Center Environmental Med. Asthma/Lung Biology


Jay  M. Portnoy, MD
Children's Mercy Hospital

Thomas Casale, MD FAAAAI
University of South Florida

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