Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest

The AAAAI Code of Ethics describes the circumstances in which members must provide disclosure of the financial and organizational relationships. One of these is for individuals involved in continuing education activities. The Standards for Commercial Support of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) further specify that all individuals who can control the content of a continuing education activity – both activity planners and faculty members – must provide disclosure information, and that the disclosure is reviewed, and conflicts managed, prior to the activity taking place.

The AAAAI Disclosure Policy defines the types of relationships that are to be disclosed. For continuing education activities, disclosures are reviewed by the Continuing Medical Education/Performance Improvement Committee. If a conflict of interest is identified, the individual will be presented with the steps that must be taken to manage the conflict so it does not adversely affect the educational activity.

AAAAI members are expected to update their disclosure records by April 30 of each calendar year, or when the details of their disclosure records change. Disclosure information can be submitted and edited in the AAAAI Online Disclosure System.