This session provides an opportunity for the winners of the 2018 AAAAI Foundation Faculty Development Award to present their cutting edge research to the AAAAI community. This will update our membership on the science that these 3 individuals have been performing using their funding. Novel information on the molecular mechanisms of immunodysregulatory disorders will be discussed, followed by a discussion of exhaustion and the role of metabolism in primary immunodeficiency. The final presentation will be on the role of B cells in food allergy, with a specific focus on regulation. We hope to use this session to make an additional appeal to our funders and to (ideally) annually update them on the progress of the grant award winners. 

Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss the molecular mechanisms of immunodysregulatory disorders
  • Identify exhaustion and immunometabolic alterations in primary immunodeficiency
  • Describe the role of B cells in food allergy, sensitization, and tolerance


Moderator Introduction
Kevin  J. Kelly, MD FAAAAI
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Molecular Mechanisms of Immunodysregulatory Disorders
Lori Broderick, MD PhD
University of California, San Diego

Defining Exhaustion and Immunometabolic Alterations in Primary Immunodeficiency
Sarah  E. Henrickson, MD PhD
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Elucidation of the Role of B Cells in Food Allergy, Sensitization and Tolerance
Adora  A. Lin, MD PhD 
Children's National Hospital

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