Behavior change is required for many non-adherent asthma patients. Motivational Interviewing techniques are time economical behavior change interventions within the office setting that can be used effectively to engage these patients in their care. Specific skills will be presented and practiced by the participants throughout the workshop.

Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Recognize the effectiveness of motivational interviewing communication skills to change patient behavior and promote adherence
  • Identify the role of ambivalence and resistance within non-adherent asthma patients
  • Identify techniques to help patients who underestimate their asthma severity


Asriani M. Chiu, MD FAAAAI
Medical College of Wisconsin

Motivational Interviewing to Improve Asthma Adherence
Brian C. Schroer, MD FAAAAI
Akron Children’s Hospital

Andrew G. Weinstein, MD FAAAAI
Asthma Management Systems