Magdalena  M. Gorska, MD PhD FAAAAI
National Jewish Health

Taylor  A. Doherty, MD FAAAAI
UC San Diego

CARD14 is Required for FLG Homeostasis in Human Skin, and the CARD14 Variant Rs11652075 Regulates the Expression of FLG in a Genotype-Dependent Fashion
Stanley  B. DeVore
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Natural Human IgE Monoclonal Antibody Defines a Unique Epitope on Der p 2
Anna Pomes, PhD FAAAAI
INDOOR Biotechnologies, Inc.

Effects of Androgen Receptor (AR) Signaling on Airway inflammation in an Obesity-Associated Asthma Model
Nowrin U.Chowdhury, BS

Proteomic analysis of Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES) reactions reveals Th17 immune signature
Cecilia Berin, PhD
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

CysLT1R antagonists block early P2Y6 receptor-dependent signaling that prevents type 2 allergic sensitization
Jun Nagai, PhD
Harvard Medical School/Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Basal Cell Adhesion Molecule Marks an Early Progenitor Epithelial Cell in the Murine Trachea
Xin Wang, PhD
Harvard Medical School

Dysfunctional Mucosal Immune Defense in CRS Increase Susceptibility to Staphylococcus Aureus
Sun Mi Choi, MD PhD
University of California, San Diego

A Transcription Factor Blimp1 in CD4+ T cells Promotes Type 2 Immune Responses in the Lungs While it Suppresses IgE Antibody Production in Mice
Koji Matsumoto, MD
Shiga University of Medical Science

Circulating fetal mast cell progenitors are phenotypically distinct from adult progenitors
Hannah Martin, MD
Brigham and Women's Hospital