Allergy/ Immunology, a sub-specialty of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, requires at least five years of post-graduate training and lifelong education and regulatory requirements. Physician Extenders (PE) are gradually increasing in number in Allergy/Immunology sub-specialty practice. However, these PE receive no formal A/I training and it is not clear the role they should play in the practice of sub-specialty medicine. This session will review the legal and regulatory factors impacting the use of PEs in allergy/immunology practice, and explore the arguments for both expansive and limited roles for these providers.

Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Define the regulatory / legal requirement for use of Physician Extenders
  • Describe the role that Physician Extenders should or should not play in an A/I practice 

The views presented in this session do not necessarily represent those of the presenter(s)

Moderator Introduction
Sharon  B. Markovics, MD

Physician Extenders Should Play a Prominent Role in A/I Practice
Christina Ciaccio, MD FAAAAI
The University of Chicago

Physician Extenders Role in Sub-Specialty Medicine Should Be Limited
Lynda  G. Kabbash, MD FAAAAI
New England Baptist Hospital

Legal/Regulatory Requirements for the Use of Physician Extenders in A/I Practice
Weily Soong, MD FAAAAI
Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center

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