How can we help our patients with bullying and school related issues that may occur due to having a food allergy? Bullying is prevalent in schools and our food allergic patients are often the targets of bullies. This session will discuss the prevalence and type of bullying children are exposed to, how to keep our patients safe at school and how we can empower our patients to handle bullying situations.

Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss the ways that bullying of food allergic patients may occur
  • Describe teaching techniques that practitioners can use to help our patients
  • Discuss the measures to keep food allergic patients safe at school


Moderator Introduction
Karol Timmons, RN MS CPNP
Boston Children

Bullying at School
Jodi  A. Shroba, MSN APRN CPNP

Coping Strategies and Techniques to Handle Bullying
Maria Crain, RN MA CPNP
Children's Medical Center Dallas

Food Allergy Management in Schools
Megan  O. Lewis, MSN CRNP
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

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