Angela Haczku, MD PhD FAAAAI
UC Davis

Roma Sehmi, PhD
McMaster University

The Major Cat Allergen, Fel d 1, Is a Viable Target for CRISPR Gene Editing.
Nicole  F. Brackett
Indoor Biotechnologies, Inc.

Cyclic-Di-GMP promotes STING-dependent ILC2 to ILC1 shift and abrogates eosinophilia in ILC2-driven lung inflammation
Kellen Cavagnero
University of California - San Diego

Staphylococcus aureus Increases Rhinovirus Replication and Synergistically Enhances Cytotoxicity During Co-infection of the Airway Epithelium
Eishika Dissanayake, PhD

CD69+ Th2-type CD4+ T Cells are Responsible for Long-term Memory Responses to Allergens in the Lungs
Takao Kobayashi, PhD
Mayo Clinic Arizona

Air pollutant exposure induces peanut allergy in an animal model
Timothy  P. Moran, MD PhD
University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Dysregulation of Circulating Monocytes is Associated with Exposure to Air Pollution and Asthma in Children
Hesam Movassagh

Human IgE monoclonal antibodies define the molecular basis of red meat allergy
Scott  A. Smith, MD PhD
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Intestinal Barrier Dysfunction Accompanies Peanut Allergy in CC027/GeniUnc Mice
Erin  C. Steinbach, MD PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Activation of TLR3 Inhibits Innate Type 2 Immune Responses through the Interferon-beta Pathway
Rinna Tei, MD
Mayo Clinic