Annual Meeting Program Committee


David D. Chaplin, MD PhD FAAAAI

University Alabama at Birmingham (Associate Dean for Faculty Development)

Honorarium/Gift: National Institutes of Health, Grant reviewer

Research Grant: National Institutes of Health, National Center for Clinical and Translational Science - Research Grant

Organizational: American Association of Immunologists - Committee on Public Affairs


Vice Chair

Leonard B. Bacharier, MD FAAAAI

Washington University (Professor of Pediatrics)

Consultant: Merck; DBV Technologies - DSMB for Peanut Epicutaneous Immunotherapy; Vectura - Drug delivery device development

Advisory Board: Boeringher Ingelheim; Circassia; GlaxoSmithKline - Asthma therapies; Regeneron - Strategies to interrupt the atopic march; Teva - Asthma inhaler technology

Speaker: Novartis - Asthma therapies; Sanofi/Regeneron - Asthma therapies; AstraZeneca - Asthma therapies

Research Grant: NIH - Multiple NIH research grants - indirect salary paid to my institution

Organizational: AAAAI - Fellow, Associate Editor of JACI; AAAAI - AMPC Member; ABAI - Director; GINA - Science committee

Conflict Resolution: Will present data from a variety of published peer-reviewed studies.

Will abstain from discussion of programming elements where the products/companies with interest in those areas are involved or discussed.




University of Michigan (Professor)

Consultant: Novartis; Blueprint

Research Grant: Blueprint - Avapritinib

Organizational: European Competence Network on Mastocytosis - Advisor; Michigan Allergy and Asthma Society - President Elect

Conflict Resolution: Consultancy agreements are reviewed and approved by my hospital.


Amal H. Assa'ad, MD FAAAAI

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (Professor of Pediatrics)

Organizational: Aimmune - Local PI on multicenter clinical trials; APFED-a national support group for patients with eosinophalic disorders - Volunteer Member of the Board of Directors; Astellas - Local PI on multicenter clinical trials; DBV Technologies - Local PI on multicenter clinical trials; FAAST - Volunteer member of

BOD of this local food allergy support group; FDA - Member of allergen committee; NIH - Local PI on multicenter grant; Residency Review Committee - Appointed member


Nora A. Barrett, MD FAAAAI

Brigham and Women's Hospital (Assistant Professor in Medicine)

Advisory Board: Sanofi - dupixent

Research Grant: NIH - grants on allergic lung inflammation; American Lung Association - grants on allergic lung inflammation; Department of Defense - grants on allergic lung inflammation

Organizational: American Lung Association - Grant Review


Terri F. Brown-Whitehorn, MD FAAAAI

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics)

Research Grant: DBV - epicutaneous immunotherapy-PI research study and consultant

Organizational: iFPIES - medical consultant; Kids with Food allergy; Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America - medical consultant

Conflict Resolution: I will disclose all conflicts.


Asriani M. Chiu, MD FAAAAI

Medical College of Wisconsin (Professor of Pediatrics (Allergy and Immunology) and Medicine)

Organizational: ALA - volunteer consultant specialist for ALA


Antonella Cianferoni, MD PhD FAAAAI

University of Pennsylvania (Associate Professor of Pediatrics)

Speaker: DBV

Research Grant: Shire

Organizational: EAACI - volunteer in a Interest section Committe (Eosinophilic Esophagitis Committe; ifpies - medical board


Carla M. Davis, MD FAAAAI

Baylor College of Medicine (Associate Professor of Pediatrics)

Advisory Board: DBV Technologies Inc. - Viaskin

Research Grant: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, Inc - Microneedles

Organizational: Texas Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Society - President-Elect


Jeffrey G. Demain, MD FAAAAI

Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Center of AK (Founder)

Consultant: Up-to-Date

Organizational: Alaska Society of Allergy Asthma & Immunology - Founder, Past-President; Alaska State Medical Association - Delegate; American Academy of Pediatrics - Fellow; American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology - Fellow; Anchorage Family Practice Residency - Clinical Faculty; Anchorage Medical

Society - Past-President; Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America, Alaska Chapter - President and Annual Conference Chair; University of Alaska, Anchorage, WWAMI School of Medical Education - Affiliate Professor; University of Washington, Dept of Pediatrics - Clinical Professor


Taylor Alan Doherty, MD FAAAAI

UC San Diego (Associate Professor)

Advisory Board: Equillium, Inc

Research Grant: NIH/NIAID - Regulation of ILC2s


David M. Fleischer, MD FAAAAI

University of Colorado Medicine./Children's Hospital Colorado (Associate Professor of Pediatrics)

Consultant: Aquestive; INSYS Therapeutics, Inc; AllerGenis; DOTS Technology Corp

Speaker: Nutricia

Organizational: DBV Technologies - Clinical Medical Advisory Board; Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team - Medical Advisory Board; Food Allergy Research & Education - Clinical Advisory Board; National Peanut Board - Allergy Education Advisory Council

Conflict Resolution: As a PI for DBV and Aimmune food immunotherapy trials, I and my team present to potential subjects and their families the risks, benefits, and potential side effects of this treatment in an unbiased manner, presenting other possible immunotherapy trials/treatments with different products, allowing families to

 decide which therapy (trial) may be best for them after presenting this info under informed consent guidelines. The phoning of potential subjects is performed by our CRCs, as is the consent process. Subjects/families are not pressured in any way to join any trial. My payments for these activities, therefore, do not influence which

 trial a patient enters, nor how I manage patients within certain industry-sponsored trials. First and foremost are the interests and safety of my patients and their families, as it should be with any study I am conducting, whether or not I, the hospital, or university received funds for doing them or for consulting activities. COI are also always disclosed on any slide presentations I do - both CE and non-CE events – and are in the consent forms for these studies. Of note, I also participate in trials with other investigational products for food immunotherapy - we do not discriminate one product over another, as we want choices for our patients and families; ultimately the patients and families choose which trial to participate in, not us.


For slide presentations, per rules of my University, these slide sets are not done with any company logo, and I have to have complete editorial control of content.


Magdalena M. Gorska, MD PhD FAAAAI

National Jewish Health (Associate professor)

Consultant: NIH

Research Grant: NIH - publications


Mitchell H. Grayson, MD FAAAAI

Nationwide Children's Hospital - The Ohio State University (Professor and Chief, Division of Allergy and Immunology, Department of Pediatrics)

Advisory Board: American Board of Allergy and Immunology; AstraZeneca; Genentech; Novartis - Asthma treatments

Speaker: Southeastern Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Society

Research Grant: National Institutes of Health - Role of viruses in driving atopic disease; asthma

Organizational: AAFA - Board of Directors; AAI - Abstract Programming Chair; ACAAI - Associate Editor of the Annals of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology; ALA - Scientific Advisory Committee / Scientific and Medical Editorial Review Panel; FDA - SGE for PADAC


Karen L. Gregory, DNP APRN-BC RRT AE-C

Oklahoma Allergy and Asthma Clinic/Georgetown University School of Nursing (Pulmonary Disease Management Specialist Advanced Practice Nurse DNP/Assistant Professor)


Michelle L. Hernandez, MD FAAAAI

UNC Chapel Hill (Associate Professor of Pediatrics)

Advisory Board: VitalFlo, Inc

Research Grant: NHLBI - role of IL-1 blockade on asthma exacerbations; DOD - anti-inflammatory approaches to woodsmoke inhalation


Caroline C. Horner, MD FAAAAI

Washington University School of Medicine (Associate Professor)


Stacie M. Jones, MD

UAMS/Arkansas Children's Hospital (Chief & Professor, Allergy & Immunology)

Advisory Board: Aimmune Therapeutics, Inc - Scientific Advisory Board; Food Allergy Research and Education - Research Advisory Board

Research Grant: NIH-NIAID - Research Grant- CoFAR; NIH-NIAID - Research Grant - Immune Tolerance Network

Organizational: NIAID - Safety Monitoring Panel


Monica Kraft, MD FAAAAI

University of Arizona Health Science Center (Robert and Irene Flinn Professor of Medicine, Chair, Department of Medcine)

Research Grant: Sanofi - Clinical Trial addressing the effect of dupilumab on aiway tissue inflammation; Astra-Zeneca - Clinical trial assessing the effect of benralizumab in severe, exacerbation prone asthma; National Institutes of Health - salary support for NIH grants addressing asthma and innate immunity

Organizational: National Institutes of Health - NHLBI Advisory Council

Conflict Resolution: I will present an unbiased presentation on the treatment of asthma that will be reviewed in advance of the presentation to ensure fair representation of the data.


Andrew H. Liu, MD FAAAAI

University of Colorado Denver (Professor)

Consultant: Phadia ThermoFisher; Propeller Health

Advisory Board: NIH NIEHS. Chairman of NIEHS Scientific Advisory Board

Research Grant: NIH - Paid to my institution: University of Colorado


Gregory M. Metz, MD FAAAAI

Oklahoma Allergy and Asthma Clinic (Physician)


Kari C. Nadeau, MD PhD FAAAAI

Stanford University School of Medicine (Full time Professor)

Stocks: Alladapt - co founder; Before Brands - co founder of company; Cour - allergy; ForTra - food allergy

Consultant: Astra Zeneca - asthma; Genentech - allergy asthma; Regeneron - food allergy

Advisory Board: Aravax - Food Allergy; Novartis - Allergy and Asthma

Research Grant: AImmune - food allergy; DBV - food allergy; NIH NIAID Cofar - food allergy; Samsung - Asthma; Adare - EoE; Phadia - allergy; Regeneron - EoE


Christina L. Nance, PhD MA FAAAAI

Texas Children's Hospital (Assistant Professor)


Dawn C. Newcomb, PhD

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Assistant Professor)

Research Grant: NIH - research grant money

Organizational: American Lung Association - Grant reviewer; NIH - Grant reviewer


Anna H. Nowak-Wegrzyn, MD PhD FAAAAI

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (Professor of Pediatrics)

Advisory Board: Merck; Gerber Advisory Council; Labcorp

Speaker: Mead Johnson

Honorarium/Gift: UpToDate; Abbot

Research Grant: Astellas Pharma - Peanut LAMP-Vax vaccine; DBV Technologies - Peanut and milk patch; NIH ITN - Peanut OIT

Organizational: ABAI - Director; International Association of Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome - Chair of the Medical Advisory Board; Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology - Deputy Editor

Conflict Resolution: I will not refer to any of the products in my presentation


Sharmilee M. Nyenhuis, MD FAAAAI

University of Illinois at Chicago (Assistant Professor)

Advisory Board: Sanofi - Health Disparities

Research Grant: NHLBI - ACTION Intervention; PCORI - Capricorn

Organizational: Chicago Asthma Consortium - Unpaid Board Member


Princess U. Ogbogu, MD FAAAAI

Ohio State University (Associate Professor)


Stokes Peebles Jr., MD FAAAAI

Vanderbilt Univ School Of Medicine (Professor of Medicine)


Elena E. Perez, MD PhD FAAAAI

Allergy Associates of the Palm Beaches (Vice President)

Advisory Board: Shire; Grifols; CSL

Speaker: CSL; Genentech

Organizational: AAAAI - AMPC committee, BCI Chair; CIS - finance committee member, appointed council member

Conflict Resolution: I limit my talks and discussions to educational/academic content. Conflicts are disclosed with each talk.


Anju T. Peters, MD FAAAAI

Northwestern University Medical School (Professor of Medicine)

Consultant: Legal; Sanofi-Regeneron - Advisory Board

Organizational: American Journal of Rhinology and Allergy - Co-Editor in Chief

Conflict Resolution: The relationship does not have a bearing on my activities at the AAAAI


Wanda Phipatanakul, MD MS FAAAAI

Boston Children's Hospital (Professor of Pediatrics)

Advisory Board: Genentech; Novartis; Teva; Regenron/Sanofi; GSK

Research Grant: NIH - Grant paid to institution

Organizational: American Board of Allergy and Immunology - Board of Directors

Conflict Resolution: I provide balance to my talks and don't favor any specific company. I work with many companies to provide a balanced view.


Thanai Pongdee, MD FAAAAI

Mayo Clinic (Consultant)

Advisory Board: Nima, Inc.


Jay M. Portnoy, MD FAAAAI

The Children's Mercy Hospital (Staff Allergist, Division of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology)

Consultant: Kaleo

Advisory Board: TEVA

Speaker: Thermofisher; Boehringer Ingelheim - Asthma

Conflict Resolution: I have disclosed them


Matthew A. Rank, MD FAAAAI

Mayo Clinic and Foundation (Consultant)


Rebecca Scherzer, MD FAAAAI

Nationwide Children's Hospital (Associate Professor of Pediatrics)


Robert P. Schleimer, PhD FAAAAI

Northwestern University Feinberg School Medicine (Prof. Med., Chief, Div. Allergy and Immunology)


Lynda C. Schneider, MD FAAAAI

Boston Children's Hospital (Director, Allergy Program; Director, Immunology Clinical Research Program)

Stocks: Antera Therapeutics

Consultant: Aimmune; CME Solutions International and the Clinical & Patient Educators Association; Abbvie

Advisory Board: Shire; Food Allergy Research and Education - Medical Advisory Board

Research Grant: Astellas; Pfizer; Regeneron; DBV Technologies - Viaskin Peanut; Genentech - long term peanut OIT follow up


Roma Sehmi, PhD FAAAAI

McMaster University, Department of Medicine, Cardio-Respiratory Research Group (Associate Professor)


Christine M. Seroogy, MD FAAAAI

University of Wisconsin (Associate Professor)


Jonathan M. Spergel, MD PhD FAAAAI

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Prof Peds, Chief Allergy Section)

Consultant: Regeneron - Eosinophilic Esophagitis

Advisory Board: DBV Technology - Food Allergy

Speaker: Medscape; Rockpointe

Research Grant: NIH - EoE, Asthma

Organizational: AAP - Fellow; ACAAI - Fellow; American Partnership for Eosinophlilic Disorders - Medical Advisory Board; F1000 - reviewer; Frontiers in Immunology - Reviewer; International Association for Food Protien Enterocolitis - Medical Advisory Board; Pennsylvania Allergy Society - Member; Uptodate - author,



Patricia A. Takach, MD FAAAAI

University of Pennsylvania (Associate Professor, Interim Chief)


Mike Tankersley, MD MBA FAAAAI

The University of TN Health Science Center, Memphis (Professor)



CME/MOC Committee




Todd Edward Rambasek, MD FAAAAI

Northern Ohio Medical Specialists (allergist)



Vice Chair


Gloria E. Akan, MD

John Hopkins Regional Physicians, ENTAA Care (Physician)

Organizational: AAAAI, CME/MOC Committee - Vice-chair; AAAAI, OME Committee - Member



AH Ad Hoc Representative


Kim E. Mudd, RN MSN CCRP

Johns Hopkins University (Nurse Manager)





Stuart L. Abramson, MD PhD FAAAAI

Shannon Medical Center (Director, Allergy/Immunology Clinical Service)


Anne E. Borgmeyer, DNP RN CPNP AE-C

St. Louis Children's Hospital (Pediatric Nurse Practitioner)

Organizational: Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America - St. Louis Chapter - Program Committee

Conflict Resolution: I will disclose my relationship with the AAFA Program Committee when reviewing programs or presenting. I will offer an impartial viewpoint in all projects. I will excuse myself if needed from review of projects if/when AAFA is involved or sponsoring a program.


Becky Buelow, MD MS FAAAAI

Medical College of Wisconsin (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics - Asthma, Allergy and Immunology)


Jeanne E. Conner, NP

Medical College of WI (Nurse Practitioner)


Robert N. Corriel, MD FAAAAI

Manhasset Allergy and Asthma, Division of ProHealth Care Assoc, LLP (Partner)


Maria Crain, RN MA CPNP

Children's Medical Center Dallas (Pediatric Nurse Practitioner)

Advisory Board: Aimmune Therapeutics


Anne M. Ditto, MD FAAAAI

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, GSK beginning Feb 18 (Associate Professor of Medicine, Medical expert)

Consultant: PER (physician's education resource) - CME videos on urticaria and atopic dermatitis

Speaker: SPIRE learning - CME lectures on urticaria

Conflict Resolution: I will start working for GSK the week of the AAAAI. I will not be discussing any pharmaceutical brand name products in my seminars or as moderator.


Karen L. Gregory, DNP APRN-BC RRT AE-C

Oklahoma Allergy and Asthma Clinic/ Georgetown University School of Nursing (Pulmonary Disease Management Specialist Advanced Practice Nurse DNP/ Assistant Professor)


Samuel Gubernick, DO FAAAAI

Family Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Associates (physician owner)

Organizational: AAAAI - Past Chairman CME/MOC committee, Fellow; AAAAI - Governor elect RSLAAIS Region 3; ACAAI - Fellow; American Academy of Pediatrics - Fellow; Florida Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Society - Secretary; Florida Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Society - Past President, co-chair

Practice Standards committee; Pinellas County Osteopathic Medical Society - Past President, member Board of Directors


Shirley S. Joo, MD

Allergy Care Specialists LLC


Brian T. Kelly, MD FAAAAI

Boys Town National Research Hospital (Physician)

Organizational: ACAAI - Abstract Review Committee Chair; ACAAI - Annual Meeting Program Committee

Conflict Resolution: I am not part of either of the comparative committees through the AAAAI


Edwin H. Kim, MD FAAAAI

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Assistant Professor)

Consultant: DBV technologies

Advisory Board: DBV technologies - Clinical Medical Advisory Board

Honorarium/Gift: Aimmune therapeutics

Research Grant: FARE - FARE center of excellence; FARE - Peanut sublingual immunotherapy research; Immune Tolerance Network - Peanut oral immunotherapy research; NIH-CoFAR - Food allergy research; NIH-NCCAM - Peanut sublingual immunotherapy research

Conflict Resolution: Consultancy with DBV was in conjunction with multiple US food allergy experts around the topic of relative risk reduction with food allergy therapies. This resulted in a publication in Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Feb 2018, Volume 120(2). Clinical medical advisory board membership has a similar goal but in an ongoing relationship. Aimmune relationship involved answering investor questions regarding topline phase 3 data presented during the 2018 AAAAI meeting. To mitigate any conflict, all discussions about food allergy therapy will include only modalities rather than companies or product names. In addition, all discussions will be based on published or publicly available data and provide a balanced view of all therapies.

Regarding research funding, FARE has provided grant funding for a study in peanut sublingual immunotherapy. UNC is the sponsor of the study and the study is fully conducted by us. Other grant sources have the standard grant/grantee relationship.


Bruce J. Lanser, MD

National Jewish Health (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics)

Speaker: Aimmune

Research Grant: Aimmune - Peanut oral immunotherapy; DBV - Peanut epicutaneous immunotherapy; NIH/NIAID CoFAR - Consortium for Food Allergy Research

Organizational: ACAAI - member of food allergy, PD and new allergist committees; Annals Allergy - editorial board


Sara A. Lowe, NP

Medical College of Wisconsin (Nurse Practitioner)

Organizational: Fight Asthma Milwaukee - Clinical Quality Improvement Committee

Conflict Resolution: I participate in planning quality improvement initiatives intended for health care professionals. I do not believe conflict resolution is required.


Thomas P. Miller, MD FAAAAI

Allergy Associates of Western Michigan PC (allergist)

Consultant: Astra Zeneca


Lois A. Nelson, MD FAAAAI

Self-employed (private practice, but academically active) (Prof., Ped./Med. (volunteer faculty))


Kevin W. Parks, MD FAAAAI

AAC/CRI of Southern Oregon, P. C. (Medical Director, Allergy and Asthma Center of Southern Oregon)


Benjamin T. Prince, MD MCSI FAAAAI

Pediatric Academic Association, Nationwide Children's Hospital and The Ohio State University (Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Division of Allergy and Immunology)


Brian C. Schroer, MD

Cleveland Clinic Foundation (Pediatric Allergy and Immunology)


Kristin C. Sokol, MD MS MPH FAAAAI

National Institutes of Health (Staff Clinician)


Pamela H. Steele, MSN CPNP AE-C

UNC Healthcare (Nurse Practitioner)


Kasey R. Strothman, MD FAAAAI

Nationwide Children's Hospital (Assistant Professor)


Kara J. Wada, MD

Ohio State University (Clinical Assistant Professor)

Speaker: Pediatric Board Review





Rob C. Aalberse, PhD

Retired (Emeritus Professor)


Elissa Michele Abrams, MD FRCPC

University of Manitoba (Pediatric Allergist and Clinical Immunologist)

Organizational: Canadian Pediatric Society - President, Allergy section; Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology - Vice Chair, Anaphylaxis and Food Allergy Section; Food Allergy Canada - Scientific Advisory Board


Andrew Abreo, MD

KIPP Nashville (Medical Director)


Seema Sharma Aceves, MD PhD FAAAAI

University of California, San Diego (Professor, Pediatrics, Medicine)

Research Grant: Ferring Research Institute - Investigator initiated study; NIH - Research grant U54; NIH - Research Grant R01 NIAID; NIH - K24 NIAID; NIH - Research Grant R01, NIDDK

Organizational: American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders - Medical advisory board member

Conflict Resolution: Any data presented that related to EoE treatment with topical steroids will be from the literature and balanced. My disclosures will be listed on a slide and stated verbally.


Swati Acharya

Stanford University (Senior Scientist)


Steven J. Ackerman, PhD

University of Illinois at Chicago (Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, and Medicine)

Consultant: EnteroTrack, LLC - Commercialization of the Esophageal String Test (EST) in EoE

Research Grant: FDA; R01 Grant - PI, Validation of the 1-hour Esophageal String Test (EST) in EoE

Organizational: American Partnership for Eosinophilic Diseases (APFED) - Member of the APFED Medical Advisory Panel; Campaign Urging Research on Eosinophilic Diseases (Cured Foundation) - Member of the Honorary Board of Directors

Conflict Resolution: A plan for addressing any conflicts of interest with regard to EnteroTrack, LLC has been approved and is on file at the University of Illinois at Chicago.


Karla E. Adams, MD

US Air Force (Allergist)


Ian M. Adcock, PhD

Imperial College London (Professor)


Allen D. Adinoff, MD FAAAAI

CO Allergy and Asthma Center (Physician Employee)


Ioana O. Agache, MD PhD

Transylvania University Brasov Romania (Professor)


Nicole Akar-Ghibril, MD

Boston Children's Hospital (Clinical Fellow of Allergy and Immunology)

Organizational: NIH - I am a clinical fellow, and my position is funded by a T32 grant, T32 AI007512.


Cezmi A. Akdis, MD FAAAAI

A) Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Research B) University of Zurich, Switzerland (A) Director (SIAF); B) Medical Faculty (University of Zurich))

Honorarium/Gift: Allergy - Editor-in-Chief

Research Grant: Idorsia - Asthma Endotypes; Allergopharma - Biomarkers

Organizational: CK-CARE Christine Kühne - Center for Allergy Research and Education - Directorium Member; Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences - Senate Member; World Immune Regulation Meetings - Chair, Organizer


Mubeccel Akdis, MD PhD

Swiss Inst. Allergy and Asthma Research (Head of Immunodermatology)

Organizational: WIRM, World Immune Regulation Meeting, Davos - Organizing committee


Praveen Akuthota, MD

University of California, San Diego (Associate Professor of Medicine)

Consultant: Advance Medical

Advisory Board: AstraZeneca - benralizumab for asthma; GlaxoSmithKline - mepolizumab for EGPA

Research Grant: NIH - CC Chemokine-Mediated Differential Immunoregulation by Human Eosinophils, NIH/NHLBI Career Development Award, K08 HL116429

Organizational: American Thoracic Society - Web Editorial Committee Member

Conflict Resolution: I have recorded all relationships and will verbally disclose at the onset of my session. I have discussed and vetted my presentation with my co-leaders of the seminar. We will have a discussion of all products that target IL-5.


Rafeul Alam, MD PhD FAAAAI

National Jewish Health (Professor and Director, Allergy and Immunology)


Matthew L. Albert, MD PhD

Genentech (Principal Scientist)


Neil Alexis, PhD

Center Environmental Med. Asthma/Lung Biology (Professor of Pediatrics)


Katrina Jane Allen, MD PhD FAAAAI

Royal Children's Hospital (Paediatric Gastroenterologist/Allergist)


Abduarahman Almutairi

Boston Children's Hospital (Clinical Fellow)


Mollie Alpern, MD

Mayo Clinic (Fellow)


Matthew C. Altman, MD

University of Washington (Assistant Professor)


James J. Anderson, MLT

Environmental Allergy Assays (Aerobiologist)


Jennifer Anderson, RRT


Jennifer Anderson, MD MSc FRCS (C) FACS

University of Toronto, Department of Otolaryngology (Associate Professor)


William C. Anderson, III, MD FAAAAI

University of Colorado School of Medicine/Children's Hospital Colorado (Assistant Professor)

Advisory Board: AstraZeneca

Conflict Resolution: I will disclose my relationship at the start of my session. This session will discuss the evidence of adherence monitoring devices from a variety of manufacturers. None of the discussed devices or evidence are owned or sponsored by AstraZeneca.


Evelyn Angulo, MD

University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (Fellow)


Ignacio J. Ansotegui, MD PhD

Hospital Quironsalud Bizkaia (Head of Department of Allergy & Immunology)

Advisory Board: MSD




Robert Anthony, PhD

Massachusetts General Hospital (Assistant Professor)


Sara Anvari, MD MSc FAAAAI

Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children's Hospital (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics)

Research Grant: NIAID - Salary Support


Andrea J. Apter, MD MA MSc FAAAAI

University of Pennsylvania (Professor of Medicine)

Research Grant: NHLBI - RC1 (funded-now complete)- PI; NHLBI - R18; PCORI - PI; AHRQ - Co-investigator; NHLBI - Co-investigator on U01; NIH - Co-investigator on PCORI (Elliot Israel PI)

Organizational: American College of Asthma Allergy & Immunology - Fellow; American College of Physicians - Fellow; American Thoracic Society - Behavioral Science Assembly program committee; Associate Editor - Journal of Allergy & Clinical Immunology; Consultant - UPTODATE


Marcella R. Aquino, MD FAAAAI

NYU Winthrop University Hospital, Allergy & Immunology (Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine)

Organizational: ACAAI - Drugs & Anaphylaxis Committee Member, Dermatological Allergy Committee Member; Long Island Allergy & Asthma Society - Immediate President, CME co-chair, Board Member


Michael Roger Ardern-Jones, MD PhD

University of Southampton (Associate Professor of Dermatology)


Peter D. Arkwright, MD PhD FAAAAI

University of Manchester (Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Allergy & Immunology)


Amy Arneson, RN

Children's Medical Center Dallas (Clinical Research Coordinator)


Evan Atkinson, MD MS

Tulane University (Assistant Professor of Medicine)


Zahia Attari

McGill University Faculty of Medicine (Medical Student)


Thomas Aune, PhD

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Professor)


K. Frank Austen, MD FAAAAI

Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School (AstraZeneca Professor of Respiratory and Inflammatory Diseases)


Michael J. Aw

McMaster (Student)


Sakina S. Bajowala, MD FAAAAI

Kaneland Allergy and Asthma Center (Physician/Owner)

Organizational: Food Allergy Support Team - Member, Board; FPIES Foundation - Member, Medical Advisory Board; Kaneland Food Allergy Foundation - Executive Director


James L. Baldwin, MD FAAAAI

University of Michigan (Associate Professor and Training Program Director)


Zuhair K. Ballas, MD FAAAAI

University of Iowa Health Care (Professor of Medicine)


Mark Ballow, MD FAAAAI

USF School of Medicine (part time), self-employed (Faculty AI training program)

Consultant: Immune Deficiency Fd - PIDD and insurance issues

Advisory Board: CSL Behring; Shire; Grifols

Speaker: IDF and USIDNET; Shire - IVIG

Organizational: Immune deficiency foundation - Medical Advisory Committee; Immune Deficiency Foundation - consulting Medical Director

Conflict Resolution: Disclose all potential conflicts of interest. Only address Ig products in generic terms, and not recommend any specific product.


Carolyn H. Baloh, MD

Duke University Medical Center (Allergy Immunology Fellow)


Aleena Banerji, MD FAAAAI

Massachusetts General Hospital (Associate Professor)

Advisory Board: CSL Behring; Biocryst; Pharming; Shire - Angioedema

Research Grant: Biocryst - Angioedema; Shire - Angioedema


Lora Georgieva Bankova, MD

Brigham and Women's Hospital (Associate Immunologist)


Priya J. Bansal, MD FAAAAI

Asthma and Allergy Wellness Center (Allergist and Immunologist)

Consultant: Exhale

Advisory Board: Teva; ALK; Kaleo; pharming - Ruconest; CSL Behring - haegarda; Shire - Lanadelumab for have and budesonide topical for eoe

Speaker: astra zeneca - fasenra; csl behring - HAE meds- Haegarda

Organizational: Illinois Society of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology - Past President and CME Committee


Alan P. Baptist, MD MPH FAAAAI

University of Michigan, Division of Allergy (Program Director)

Consultant: Teva

Research Grant: Shire; Novartis; NIH - 1 R01 AG043401-01; American Lung Association - Asthma

Conflict Resolution: Introduction slide and announcement of any possible conflicts


Fuad M. Baroody, MD FAAAAI

University of Chicago (Professor)


Suzanne M. Barshow, MD

Phoenix Childrens Hospital (Resident Physician)


Rachel Bean, MD

National Institutes of Health (Clinical Fellow)


Lisa A. Beck, MD FAAAAI

University of Rochester Medical Center (Professor of Medicine and Dermatology)

Stocks: Pfizer; Medtronics - Inherited stock - not sure what the value is exactly

Consultant: Allakos; Boehringer-Ingelheim; Incyte; Novartis; UCB; Abbvie - AD drug development; Astra-Zeneca - AD drug development; Regeneron - Dupilumab; Eli Lilly - AD drug development; Leo Pharma - AD drug development; Medimmune - AD drug development; Sanofi - AD drug development

Research Grant: Abbvie - Phase 2 AD trial; Regeneron - Dupilumab Phase 3 trials; Pfizer - AD drug trial

Organizational: International Eczema Council - Secretary; National Eczema Association - Scientific Advisory Board - emeritus member

Conflict Resolution: I have put a disclosure slide at the front of all talks. I have made it clear when I am showing data from a non-FDA approved therapy or an off-label use of a therapy.


Avraham Beigelman, MD MSCI FAAAAI

Washington University School of Medicine, and Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel (Associate Professor in Pediatrics)

Organizational: Israel Association of Allergy and Clinical Immunology - Member


Bruce G. Bender, PhD FAAAAI

National Jewish Health (Head, Pediatric Behavior Health)

Consultant: Propeller Health

Advisory Board: GSK; Teva; Sanofi

Organizational: American Thoracic Society - Committee member; NHLBI - DSMB chair


Sarah A. Bennick, RN MSN CPNP

University of North Carolina (Research Instructor)


Sergejs Berdnikovs, PhD

Northwestern University (Assistant Professor)


Cecilia Berin, PhD

Mount Sinai School of Medicine (Professor)


Cheryl K. Bernstein, RN BSN CCRC

Bernstein Clinical Research Center, LLC (Director of Clinical Research)

Consultant: ALK - Education

Research Grant: Astrozeneca - COPD; Shire - HAE; Behring - HAE; GSK - Asthma; Regeneron - Atopic Dermatitis


David I. Bernstein, MD FAAAAI

Bernstein Allergy Group and University of Cincinnati (Professor of Medicine and Enviromental Health)

Consultant: Scientific Strategies - consultant

Research Grant: Merck - PI; Aimmune - PI; Leo - PI; Astra Zeneca - PI or Co-I Clinical Trial; Biocryst - Co-I; Novartis - Co-I; Nerre - PI; Glenmark - PI or Co-I Clinical Trial; Glaxo - PI; Adare - PI


Jonathan A. Bernstein, MD FAAAAI

University of Cincinnati and Bernstein Allergy Group and Clinical Research (Professor of Clinical Medicine)

Consultant: Imedics; Best Doctor; Advanced Medical; Legal cases; Astra Zeneca - Benralizumab (also speaker and PI); Biocryst - HAE (also PI); Merck - Chronic cough (also PI); Optinose - nasal polyps (also speaker)

Advisory Board: Sanofi -Regeneron - Atopic dermatitis (also speaker and PI)

Speaker: CSL Berhing - HAE (also consultant and PI); Pharming - HAE (also consultant and PI); Shire - HAE (also consultant and PI); Novartis - Genentech - Urticaria (also consultant and PI)

Organizational: AAAAI - Fellow of AAAAI - on commitees; ACAAI - Fellow of ACAAI - on committees; AFI - Chairman; Allergy Asthma Proceedings - Editorial Board; Annals of Allergy Asthma and Immunology - Editorial Board; Cincinnati Allergy Society - member; HAEA organization - Medical Advisory Board;

INTERASMA - VP; Journal of Angioedema - Editorial Board; Mastocytosis Society - Scientific center

Conflict Resolution: I am a PI or Sub-PI for multicenter double blind placebo controlled trials, a physician initiated investigator and Consultant and speaker for biopharm companies. I have disclosed all of my potential financial conflicts. I have taken the hippocratic oath to be my patient's advocate at all times. These interests do not influence my approach to patient care; I practice scientific evidence based medicine using an EMR system with complete transparency to my patients as I have a patient portal for them to see their records. I have complied with meaningful use. I am at all time the advocate of my patients and never let my involvement in clinical trials or as a consultant interfere with their care.


Paul L. Bigliardi, MD

University of Minnesota, Dept of Dermatology (Head of Dermato-Allergy Division)


Theresa A. Bingemann, MD FAAAAI

Rochester General Hospital Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology (Physician-Allergy and Immunology)


Andreas J. Bircher, MD


J. Andrew Bird, MD FAAAAI

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (Associate Professor)

Consultant: OptumRx

Advisory Board: DBV Technologies; Aimmune Therapeutics; Pfizer

Speaker: DBV Technologies; Vindico Medical Education; Medscape

Research Grant: Aimmune Therapeutics - CODIT; DBV Technologies - EPIT; FARE - SLIT

Organizational: FARE - Clinical Advisory Board Executive Committee; International FPIES Association - Medical Advisory Board Member

Conflict Resolution: I completed the seminar, "Faculty Roles and Responsibilities in Certified Continuing Medical Education (CME) and FDA Regulated Speaker Programs (RSP) - There is a Difference" on 11/19/2012. In addition, I present only slides I have prepared for requested talks and do not present industry-provided slides.


Jaclyn Bjelac, MD

Cleveland Clinic (Staff Physician)


Carine Blanchard, PhD

Nestlé Research (R&D expert Allergy /immunology)

Conflict Resolution: The presentation is knowldge bulding scientific data and is not linked to any commercial products or patents held by my employer.


William R. Blouin, ARNP

Allergy & Immunology Care Center of South Florida (APRN)

Consultant: CSL Behring - Hizentra

Organizational: Immune Deficiency Foundation - Chairman of Nurse Advisory Committee

Conflict Resolution: I do not mention branded products or specific manufacturers in my AAAAI talks


Kimberly G. Blumenthal, MD MSc FAAAAI

Massachusetts General Hospital (Assistant Professor)

Honorarium/Gift: UpToDate; New England Society of Allergy; Vanderbilt Univeristy; Dartmouth University

Research Grant: AAAAI - Beta-Lactam Allergy; NIH - Beta-Lactam Allergy; CRICO - Allergy safety

Organizational: AAAAI - Chair, Adverse Reactions to Drugs, Biologics, and Latex


S. Allan Bock, MD FAAAAI

None, I am retired (Doctor,but I am retired)

Organizational: ASthma and Allergy Foundation of American - Volunteer committee member; Childrens Hospital Colorado - Volunteer faculty; Clinical Teaching Scholar; National Jewish Health - I am a volunteer faculty member, my title is research affiliate.


Mark Boguniewicz, MD FAAAAI

National Jewish Health (Professor)

Consultant: Lilly

Advisory Board: Regeneron - dupilumab; Sanofi-Genzyme - dupilumab

Speaker: Regeneron/Sanofi-Genzyme - dupilumab

Research Grant: NIH - salary support; Regeneron - dupilumab

Organizational: ACAAI - Member

Conflict Resolution: Discuss biologics as a group for AD, including those that are FDA approved and those in current trials. However, as only one biologic is currently FDA approved, will refer to it by scientific name, not brand name and discuss data from published peer-reviewed studies.


Francisco A. Bonilla, MD PhD FAAAAI

Northeast Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (Physician)

Consultant: Guidepoint Global Advisors; Gerson-Lehrman Group; Grand Rounds Health; Advance Medical; Green Cross/Parexel

Honorarium/Gift: Immune Deficiency Foundation Consulting Immunologist Program

Organizational: Immune Deficiency Foundation - Medical Advisory Committee; Louis August Jonas Foundation - Board of Directors


Larry Borish, MD FAAAAI

University of Virginia (Professor in Medicine)

Consultant: Allakos; Astra Zeneca; Regeneron-Sanofi; Novartis

Research Grant: Astra Zeneca - IL-5 antagonism - all funds go to UVA; GSK - IL-5R expression in COPD - all funds go to UVA

Organizational: AAAAI - Committee; ABAI - Board of Directors; ACAAI - Committee / Board of Regents; Charlottesville Free Clinic - Volunteer; CIS - Committee; Annals of Allergy Asthma Immunology - Associated Editor


Louis-Philippe Boulet, MD FRCPC

Institut Universitaire de Cardiologie et de Pneumologie de Québec (IUCPQ) (Respirologist)

Organizational: Canadian Thoracic Society - Member of the CTS Respiratory Guidelines Committee; ERS - Member of various task forces and Committees; GINA - Chair of the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA); InterAsma- The Global Asthma Association - 1st Vice-President; Laval University - Laval University Chair on

Knowledge Translation in Respiratory and Cardiovascular Health


Joshua A. Boyce, MD FAAAAI

Brigham and Women's Hospital (Albert L. Sheffer Prof of Medicine; Director, Inflammation and Allergic Disease Research Section)


Alexandria Bozen

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine (Research Assistant)


Eric B. Brandt, PhD FAAAAI

Cincinnati Children's Hospital (Research Associate)


Kanwaljit K. Brar, MD

National Jewish Health (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics)


Patrick J. Brennan, MD PhD

Brigham & Women's Hospital (Assistant Professor of Medicine)


Kari R. Brown, MD

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (Clinical Fellow)


Ana Dioun Broyles, MD FAAAAI

Boston Children's Hospital (Staff physician)


Kathleen M. Buchheit, MD

Brigham and Women's Hospital (Associate physician)


Don A. Bukstein, MD

Recently left Dean Clinic starting own business and in private practice Allergy Asthma and Sinus As (physcian)

Speaker: Astra Zeneca,,Novartis,Genentech,,ALK


Supinda Bunyavanich, MD MPH FAAAAI

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (Associate Professor)


A. Wesley Burks, MD FAAAAI

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the UNC Health Care System (Dean, UNC SOM and CEO of UNC Health Care System)

Stocks: Alltertein; Mastcell Pharmaceuticals

Consultant: Insys Therapeutics; Astellas Pharma Global Development, Inc.; DBV Technologies; N-Fold; Ukko, Inc.; Intrommune Therapeutics

Advisory Board: Aimmune Therapeutics, Inc.; Consortia TX, Inc.; Prota Therapeutics

Speaker: Gordon Research Conferences; Pediatric Allergy and Asthma Meeting


Paula J. Busse, MD FAAAAI

Mount Sinai School of Medicine (Associate Professor)

Consultant: Pharming; Pearl Therapeutics; BioCryst; CVS Health; Guidepoint; GSK; CSL Behring - HAE; Novartis - Asthma; Shire - HAE

Organizational: Hereditary Angioedema Association - Medical Advisor


William W. Busse, MD FAAAAI

University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (Professor of Medicine)

Consultant: Boston Scientific (Data Safety Monitoring Board); Medscape; resTORbio; AstraZeneca - Asthma; Genentech - Asthma; GlaxoSmithKline - Asthma; Arrowhead - Asthma; Novartis - Asthma; Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Asthma; Sanofi - Asthma; Teva - Asthma

Research Grant: NIH-NIAID - Asthma; NIH-NHLBI - Asthma


Manish Butte, MD PhD

UCLA (Associate Professor and Division Chief)

Stocks: Regencor

Advisory Board: Horizon Pharma; Alpine Immune Sciences; Chimera Bio

Speaker: CSL - Hizentra

Research Grant: NIH - n/a

Organizational: Clinical Immunology Society - CME Committee, Program Committee


Katherine N. Cahill, MD

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Assistant Professor)

Advisory Board: Regeneron; Teva; Optinose; Novartis - Omalizumab

Research Grant: NIH - Career Development Grant

Organizational: The Addis Clinic - Member, Board of Directors

Conflict Resolution: Regarding advisory board participation for Teva, Novartis and Regeneron, I disclose my participation when talking about or reporting on these products or similar agents.


Katherine Caid

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (Medical Student Research)


Christopher W. Calabria, MD FAAAAI

Dilley Allergy and Asthma, San Antonio, TX (Allergist/Immunologist)


Jennifer Canizales

Imperial College London (PhD Student)


Maria Victoria Cardona

Hospital Vall D'hebron (Head of Allergy Section)


Melody C. Carter, MD FAAAAI

National Institutes of Health/NIAID/LAD (Staff Clinician)

Organizational: European Competence Network on Mastocytosis - Speaker; Mastocytosis Society - Speaker; National Medical Association - Member, Allergy Committee; American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology - Author, Idiopathic Anaphylaxis Yardstick


Thomas B. Casale, MD FAAAAI

University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine (Professor of Medicine)

Advisory Board: Sanofi-Regeneron; Aimmune; Novartis; Genentech; Boehringer Ingelhein Corp; Astra Zenecca

Speaker: Genentech - Asthma Pathogenesis

Organizational: AAAAI - Executive VP; ERS, Eur Resp J - Editorial Board


Nicolle C. Cascone, RN

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Presbyterian (Registered Nurse)


Mariana C. Castells, MD PhD FAAAAI

Brigham and Women's Hospital (Professor of Medicine)

Honorarium/Gift: Up To Date

Organizational: Abbott - Consultant Adverse Drug reactions Committe; Annals of Allergy Asthma and Immunology - Editorial Board; Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology - Editor; JACI - Editorial Board Member; JACI In Practice - Editorial Board Member; Merck - Consultant Adverse Drug Reactions Safety Committee;

NIAID - DSMB; Novartis - consultant; Sanofi - consultant; UCB - consultant


Mario Castro, MD MPH

Washington University (Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics, and Radiology)

Consultant: Therabron; Nuvaira; VIDA; Vectura; Mallincrodt; Neutronic; Theravance

Advisory Board: Mallinckrodt

Speaker: Boehringer-Ingelheim; Boston Scientific; Astra Zeneca - Fasenra; Teva - Cinqair; Genentech - Mechanism of asthma; unbranded presentation; Sanofi-Aventis - Asthma

Research Grant: Chiesi; Novartis; Boehringer-Ingelheim; NIH - Clinical trials and research in asthma; training grant; Astra Zeneca - Clinical trials and research in asthma; Chiesi - Clinical trials and research in asthma; Sanofi-Aventis - Asthma; Teva - Asthma

Organizational: ALA - Chair Scientific Adv Comm; International Med Asst Foundation - Board member

Conflict Resolution: I will fully disclose my conflicts in all talks. I will equally discuss all products in an area when able.


Kellen Cavagnero

Department of Medicine, University of California, San Diego


Jacqueline Cephus

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Lab manager)


Avneet S. Chadha, BS

Lurie Children's Hospital (Research Associate)


Edmond S. Chan, MD FAAAAI

BC Children's Hospital (Clinical Associate Professor)

Advisory Board: Pfizer; Aralez Pharmaceuticals; Pediapharm; Leo Pharma

Research Grant: DBV Technologies

Organizational: AGA - Guidelines committee member; Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) - Allergy section executive; Canadian Society of Allergy & Clinical Immunology (CSACI) - Board member; Food Allergy Canada - Scientific Advisory Board; NIAID - Expert Panel and Coordinating Committee member; Canadian

Paediatric Society (CPS) - Allergy Prevention Guidelines Author


Christopher Chang, MD PhD FAAAAI

Memorial Health Systems (Medical Director, Pediatric Immunology and Allergy)

Organizational: American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) - Fellow; California Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology - Member; International Association of Chinese Allergists and Immunologists (IACAI) - President; University of California, Davis - Professor, Voluntary Faculty


Talal A. Chatila, MD MSc

Harvard Medical School; Boston Children's Hospital (Prof. Pediatrics)

Advisory Board: Consortia TX, Inc

Research Grant: National Institutes of Health - Food Allergy

Conflict Resolution: Established a Conflict of Interest Management Plan for my role in Consortia TX, Inc supervised by the Boston Children's Hospital Conflict of Interest Committee.


Mirna Chehade, MD MPH

Mount Sinai School of Medicine (Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine)

Consultant: Adare; Shire; Regeneron

Research Grant: Allakos; Shire

Organizational: APFED - unpaid member, Medical Advisory Panel

Conflict Resolution: Since none of the therapies for eosinophilic esophagitis are FDA-approved, I will have to discusse emerging therapies, but will be very careful to only refer to them by their mechanism of action, and will make sure not to mention any products by their names, or promote any of the products from any of the companies that I consulted for or conduct research with, or any of the other companies out there.


Karin Chen, MD

University of Utah (Assistant Professor)

Research Grant: Shire


Li-Chen Chen, MD

Chang Gung Children's Hospital (physician attending)


Dorothy S. Cheung, MD FAAAAI

Genentech (Lead Medical Director)

Conflict Resolution: I will fully disclose the potential limitations to the information I present due to my current employment status.


Stacy Chin, MD

Food and Drug Administration (Associate Director for Biomedical Informatics and Clinical Team Leader)


R. Sharon Chinthrajah, MD

Stanford University (Director, Clinical Translational Research Unit, Clinical Associate Professor)


Seong Ho Cho, MD FAAAAI

University of South Florida (Associate Professor)


John W. Christman, MD

Ohio State University, Department of MedicineDivision of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine (Professor of Medicine)


Christina E. Ciaccio, MD FAAAAI

The University of Chicago (Interim Chief, Allergy/Immunology and Pediatric Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine)

Advisory Board: FARE - Medical Advisory Board; Regeneron - Atopic Dermatitis

Speaker: Aimmune - AR101

Research Grant: FARE - Clinical Network

Organizational: FARE - ORAB


April Clark, RDN CSP

Children's Medical Center Dallas (Clinical Dietitian - Food Allergy Center)

Consultant: Nutricia


Christopher D. Codispoti, MD PhD FAAAAI

Rush University Medical Center (Assistant Professor)


Christine Cole Johnson, PhD MPH FAAAAI

Dept of Public Health Sciences, Henry Ford Hospital (Department Chairman, Senior Staff Epidemiologist)


Limone C. Collins, Jr., MD

Defense Health Agency/Immunization Healthcare Branch (Chief, Vaccine Safety and Evaluation Section)


Donald Cook, PhD

National Institutes of Health (Senior Investigator)


Joan Cook-Mills, PhD

Indiana University School of Medicine (Professor)

Research Grant: NIH - R01AI127695; NIH - U01AI131337; NIH - R21AR071705


Megan A. Cooper, MD

Washington University (Associate Professor)

Stocks: Procter and Gamble - Consumer products including over the counter medications

Advisory Board: Cytosen therapeutics - Spouse: NK cell therapeutics

Research Grant: Shire; NIH - NK cell metabolism; Affimed GmbH - Research grant - NK cell therapeutics (spouse); Celgene - Research grant - NK cell therapeutics (spouse); Crohn's Colitis Foundation - STAT3-mediated GI tract disease

Conflict Resolution: None of the above potential conflicts represent conflicts for the topic I will discuss. There will be no discussion of off-label use of any drugs from companies listed here.


Jonathan Corren, MD FAAAAI

Jonathan Corren, M.D., Inc. (Director)

Consultant: AstraZeneca; Genentech/Roche; Regeneron; Sanofi; Novarits

Advisory Board: AstraZeneca; Genentech/Roche; Regeneron; Sanofi; Novartis

Speaker: AstraZeneca; Genentech/Roche; Sanofi

Research Grant: NIH/ITN - Tezepelumab/cat immunotherapy; Regeneron - Dupilumab; Sanofi - Dupilumab; Aimmune - AR101; AstraZeneca - Tezepelumab; Genentech/Roche - Omalizumab; Novartis - Fevipiprant


Morton J. Cowan, MD

University of California (Professor Emeritus)

Advisory Board: Bluebird Bio, Inc; Exogen Bio, Inc; Homology Medicine - Scientific Advisory Board

Research Grant: California Institute Regenerative Medicine - Gene therapy for XSCID; California Institute Regenerative Medicine - Gene Therapy for ART-SCID

Organizational: JACI - editor; Up to Date - author


Amanda Louise Cox, MD FAAAAI

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (Physician)


Linda Cox, MD FAAAAI

Allergy and Asthma Center (physician owner)

Consultant: UnitedHealthCare Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee

Organizational: ACAAI - Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Editorial Board; Allergy & Asthma Editorial Board; Allergy & Asthma Proceedings Editorial Board; Past president Broward County Medical Association; JACI; Joint Council of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Society Membership Recruitment

Committee 2003-; Reimbursement and Coding Advisory Committee 2004; Sublingual Immunotherapy Joint Task Force Co-chair 2004-present; ACAAI Chair Immunotherapy and Diagnostic Committee; Member of the Joint Task Force of Practice Parameters; Allergy & Asthma Proceedings - editorial board; Broward County

Medical Association - Board of Directors; Broward County Medical Society - Past president; Current Board of Directors; Editor Allergry Clinics of North America - Editor; Editor of Springer's Immunotherapy Section - Editor; FDA Allergenic Products Advisory committee - consultant


Timothy J. Craig, DO FAAAAI

PA State College Medicine (Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics)

Consultant: CSL Behring - HAE

Speaker: CSL Behring - Hereditary Angioedema; Grifols - Alpha-1; Regeneron - asthma; Shire - HAE

Research Grant: AstraZeneca - asthma; Genentech - Asthma; GSK - Asthma; Sanofi - asthma; CSL Behring - HAE; Shire - HAE; Biocryst - HAE; Teva - asthma

Organizational: AAAAI - Past Interest Section Leadership; ACAAI - member; ACOI - member and allergy advisor; Alpha-1-Foundation - Center Director; Am Lung Assoc - Board member; AOA - member; HAE-A - Medical Advisory Board; PAAA - member

Conflict Resolution: Discuss my conflicts before speaking and having them presented on a slide. Avoid anything but generic terms. Present fair balance. Review presentation with colleagues to ensure balance.


Peter S. Creticos, MD FAAAAI

Self-employed as Creticos Research Group & Clinical Practice (Allergist; Director of Clinical Research)

Consultant: Allergy Therapeutics; ASIT; ITI; Biomay; Stallergenes-Greer - allergen immunotherapy

Advisory Board: OptiNose

Research Grant: Stallergenes-Greer - HDM SLIT clinical trial

Organizational: AAAAI - Committee assignments; ACAAI - Program committee; other committee assignments


Charlotte Cunningham-Rundles, MD PhD FAAAAI

Mt. Sinai Medical Center (Prof. Med., Peds. and Immunology)

Consultant: UCB Biosciences GmbH - new monoclonal

Organizational: IDF - Medical Board


Nessy Dahan

Mount Sinai Hospital (Pediatric Resident Physician, PGY-3)


Karen C. Dannemiller

Ohio State University (Assistant Professor)


Jennifer A. Dantzer, MD

Johns Hopkins (Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics)

Research Grant: NIH/NIAID grant; Aimmune Therapeutics - Research support provided to the University

Conflict Resolution: My AAAAI presentation does not discuss research funded by AImmune therapeutics. The NIH/NIAID grant supports the Johns Hopkins Pediatric clinical research unit and not a single study and hence should not lead to bias.


Wendy F. Davidson, PhD

NIH/NIAID (Program Officer)


Meghan F. Davis, PhD

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (Assistant Professor)

Research Grant: Canine Health Foundation; National Institutes of Health - Effects of pest and pet animal microbiota on child microbiota and asthma: a one health study; National Institutes of Health - The effects of a housing mobility program on home environmental and host airway microbiota and asthma morbidity among low-

income minority children; National Institutes of Health - Clinical trial of a disinfectant intervention in therapy dogs to combat hospital-associated pathogens and promote sustainability of Animal-Assisted visitation programs


Ray S. Davis, MD FAAAAI


Consultant: Stallergenes/Greer - CME grant; ALK - Odactra; Baxalta - Hyquvia, Cuvitru; Circassia - Niox; Genentech - Xolair; Novartis - Xolair; SHIRE - Cuvitru, HyQvia, Xiidra; Sunovion - Brovana

Advisory Board: DBV Technologies - Viaskin Peanut

Speaker: Astrazeneca - Symbicort, Fasenra; Meda - Dymista, Aerospan; Mylan - Epipen; TEVA - Qnasl, Proair Respiclick, Cinqair

Conflict Resolution: When I speak, I facilitate a problem based learning session and as the "moderator" I do NOT give my opinion about any pharmaceutical therapy---I get the audience to tell how THEY would evaluate a particular patient case and how they would typically treat said patient from their experience.


Michelle Daya, PhD

University of Colorado (Research Instructor)


Anna De Benedetto, MD

University of Florida (Clinical Assistant Professor)

Advisory Board: Allokos - allergic inflammation; Regeneron, Inc - Dupulimab

Research Grant: Kiniksa - itch


Frederic J. De Blay De Gaix, MD

Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg (Head of Department of chest diseases)


Nicolette De Jong, PhD

Erasmus MC, Dept of Internal Medicine (Associate Professor)


M. Teresa De La Morena, MD

University of Washington (Professor of Pediatrics)


Marta De Luca, M.Cl.Sc. SLP (C)

St. Michael's Hospital (Speech Language Pathologist)


Christin Deal, MD

University of California, Los Angeles (Fellow Physician)

Organizational: ACAAI - National FIT representative and board member


Jason S. Debley, MD, MPH

Seattle Children's Research Institute / University of Washington (Associate Professor Pediatrics, Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine)

Research Grant: NIH - Role of the airway epithelium in childhood asthma; NIH - Epithelial control of responses to allergen challenge and viral exacerbation


Caeden Dempsey

National Institutes of Health (Research Nurse)


Loren C. Denlinger, MD PhD

UW - Department of Medicine (Faculty Physician)

Advisory Board: AstraZeneca - asthma/copd pipeline

Research Grant: NIH - Asthma exacerbations


Ashley Devonshire, MD MPH

Northwestern University/Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago (Fellow)

Research Grant: NIH - Research and salary support via T32 training grant; The Brinson Foundation - Research and salary support


David Diaz Sanchez, PhD

US Environmental Protection Agency (Branch Chief)


Michelle R. Dickens, NP

CoxHealth/Ferrell Duncan Clinic (Nurse Practitioner/Certified Asthma Educator)


Denise A. DiPrimio-Kalman, DO FAAAAI

Nemours duPont Hospital for Children (Physician)


Danh C. Do, PhD

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Post-doctoral fellow)


Amy M. Dowden, MD FAAAAI

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine)


Paul J. Dowling, MD FAAAAI

Children's Mercy Hospital (Staff Allergist)

Research Grant: Aimmune; Merck; DBV

Organizational: ACAAI - Committee work; Children's Mercy Hospital - Committee work


David H. Dreyfus, MD PhD FAAAAI

Gesher LLC Allergy, Asthma, Immunology (physician)


Shelley Dua, MD

Cambridge University Hospitals (Allergist)



University of South Florida (Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner)

Consultant: CSL Behring LLC

Organizational: IDF Nursing Advisory Committee for IDF - member; IgNS - committee member; INGID - Board member


Raquel Z. Durban, MS RD CSP LDN

Asthma and Allergy Specialists, P.A. (Registered Dietitian)

Speaker: Mead Johnson; Allergan; Chiesi; Abbott

Honorarium/Gift: Nutricia

Organizational: Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Connection Team - Medical Advisory Board; International FPIES Association - Medical advisory board member; International Network for Diet and Nutrition in Allergy - Steering Committee


Stephen R. Durham, MA MD FRCP

National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London (Professor of Allergy and Respiratory Medicine)

Consultant: Adiga; ALK; Anergis; UCB

Advisory Board: NIAID

Speaker: Allergopharma; EuroUPDATE

Research Grant: Food Standards Agency - peanut allergy in adults research; Immune Tolerance Network - 'Allergen plus' strategies for immunotherapy, reserach grant via Imperial College; MRC UK - In vitro proof of concept studies for immunotherapy

Organizational: Association of Physicians of Great Britain - Member; British Thoracic Society - Member; BSACI - Member; Collegium Internationale Allergologicum - Member; EAACI - Member and editorial board member; Immune Tolerance Network - Member Steering Committee; NIAID - External Adviser, Inner City Asthma



Cullen M. Dutmer, MD

Children's Hospital Colorado, University of Colorado School of Medicine (Assistant Professor)


Daniel F. Dwyer, PhD

Brigham and Women's Hospital (Instructor)


Amy Eapen, MD

University of Cincinnati/Cincinnati Children's Hospital (Clinical Fellow)


Alexander R. Eaton

Massachusetts General Hospital (Clinical Research Coordinator)


Motohiro Ebisawa, MD PhD FAAAAI

Sagamihara National Hospital (Vice-Director of Clinical Research Center for Allergy and Rheumatology)

Advisory Board: DBV Technologies - Viaskin

Organizational: Asia Pacific Academy of Pediatric Allergy, Respirology and Immunology - Board member; Japanese Pediatric Allergy Society - Board member; Japanese Society of Allergology - Board member; World Allergy Organization - Board member


Jacob D. Eccles

University of Virginia (MD/PhD Candidate)


Walter Eckalbar, PhD

UCSF (Assistant Professor)


Ibon Eguiluz-Gracia, MD PhD

University Hospital and IBIMA (Allergy Specialist)


David Elkayam, MD

Bellingham Asthma, Allergy & Immunology Clinic (Physician)



Queen's University (Professor)

Advisory Board: Pediapharm; Novartis; Pfizer; Mylan

Speaker: Novartis; ALK; AstraZeneca; Aralez; Pfizer; Pediapharm; Mylan

Organizational: ACAAI - Committee Chair (Anaphylaxis); CSACI - Board of Directors

Conflict Resolution: I will ensure that my educational content provided is not influenced by the above perceived potential conflicts of interest


Tolly Epstein, MD MS FAAAAI

University of Cincinnati School of Medicine and Allergy Partners of Central Indiana (Staff Physician & Adjunct Assistant Professor)

Consultant: Merck, data review board

Research Grant: AAAAI/ACAAI for national safety study on immunotherapy


Kristin A. Erickson

Northwestern University (Research Technologist 3)


Merritt L. Fajt, MD FAAAAI

UPMC/ University of Pittsburgh (Assistant Professor of Medicine)


Mohammad Farazuddin

University of Michigan (Post Doc Research Fellow)


Donna L. Farber, PhD

Columbia University (Professor)

Research Grant: National Institutes of Health - Support of research and salary; Bristol Myers Squibb - funding for a single research project; Helmsley Charitable trust - Support of research project


Serag Fares, MD

Rush University Medical Center (student)


Nabeel Farooqui, MD FAAAAI

Allergy Partners (MD)


Mary Beth Fasano, MD MSPH FAAAAI

University of IA Carver College Medicine (Professor, Clinical Medicine)

Organizational: ABAI - Non-Voting Member, Board of Directors; ABP - GP Exam Writing Committee; Board of Directors Liaison; ACGME - Member A/I RRC


Alex Federman, MD

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (Professor of Medicine)


Nielsen Fernandez-Becker, CME

Stanford University (Assistant Professor)


Elizabeth J. Feuille, MD

Weill Cornell Medicine (Assistant Professor)


Alessandro G. Fiocchi, MD

Bambino Gesù Children Hospital (Director of Allergy)

Organizational: World Allergy Organization - Head, Food Allergy Committee; World Allergy Organization - Editor-in-chief, the WAO Journal


Jennifer Fishman, RN

Mount Sinai Medical Center (Clinical Research Coordinator)


Anne M. Fitzpatrick, PhD

Emory University (Associate Professor of Pediatrics)

Research Grant: National Institutes of Health - NR013700, U10HL098103, U10HL109164, U01HL130045


Thomas A. Fleisher, MD FAAAAI

AAAAI/EDI (Executive Vice President, AAAAI)

Honorarium/Gift: Aspen Allergy Conference; Western Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology; New England Society of Allergy; Mayo Foundation


Luz S. Fonacier, MD FAAAAI

NYU Winthrop Hospital (Professor of Medicine)

Advisory Board: Regeneron

Research Grant: Pfizer

Organizational: ABAI - Member; ACAAI - Vice President; ACAAI - Treasurer; Long Island Allergy Society - Past President


Lisa R. Forbes, MD

Texas Children's Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine (Assistant Professor)


Charity C. Fox, MD FAAAAI

Ohio State University Medical Center (Clinical Associate Professor)


Theodore M. Freeman, MD FAAAAI

San Antonio Asthma and Allergy Clinic; Lifecare Hosp of San Antonio (1. Senior owner; Allergist-Immunologist 2. Medical Lab Director)

Consultant: Case Reviews for Texas Medical Board; Expert Consultant for legal case

Honorarium/Gift: Author Chapter for Conn's Current Therapy; Author/Editor for UpToDate; Author Chapter for Patterson's 8th edition; Editor for Stinging Insects: A Clinicians Guideline

Organizational: ABAI - Chair elect; Annals of Allergy Asthma and Immunology - Editorial Board; North East Independent School District - Chair medical advisory board


John F. Freiler, MD FAAAAI

USAF (Allergist)


Patricia C. Fulkerson, MD PhD

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (Associate Professor)

Research Grant: Knopp Biosciences - dexpramipexole; National Institutes of Health - eosinophils


Sofianne Gabrielli, MSc

McGill University Health Centre (Research Clerk)


Satyen Manilal Gada, MD FAAAAI

US Navy (Staff Allergist)


Terri Gagen-Hursey, NP

Johns Hopkins University (Nurse Practitioner)


Stanley P. Galant, MD FAAAAI

CHOC Children's Breathmobile, Orange County (Medical Director)


Raif S. Geha, MD FAAAAI

Children's Hospital of Boston (Chief, Div. Imm., Prof. Ped.)


Maureen George, PhD RN AE-C

Columbia University School of Nursing (Associate Professor)

Advisory Board: Teva; AstraZeneca

Organizational: AAE - volunteer; AAFA,ATS, AANMA - Volunteer


Peter J. Gergen, MD MPH

AAIB\DAIT\NIH (Medical Officer)

Organizational: La Clinical del Pueblo Washington DC - Volunteer Physician


James E. Gern, MD FAAAAI

University of Wisconsin (Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine)

Consultant: Ena Pharmaceuticals

Advisory Board: Meissa Vaccines

Research Grant: NIH - Grants to study childhood allergies and asthma


Michelle A. Gill, MD PhD

UT Southwestern Medical Center (Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Immunology)

Research Grant: NIH/NIAID subcontract - Immune mechanisms related to asthma (Inner City Asthma Consortium)

Organizational: Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting - Board of Directors and Program Committee Member; Society for Pediatric Research - President


Diane R. Gold, MD

Channing Division of Network Medicine and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (Professor of Medicine and Professor of Environmental Health)

Organizational: American Thoracic Society - member


David B. K. Golden, MD FAAAAI

self (physician)

Speaker: Genentech - omalizumab; Stallergenes/Greer - Oralair

Research Grant: Genentech - Clinical Trials; Stallergenes - Clinical Trial

Conflict Resolution: Disclosure of potential conflicts in all presentations and publications.

Presentations and publications contain balance of information from all appropriate sources.


Elena Goleva, PhD

National Jewish Health (Associate Professor)

Research Grant: Astra Zeneca; NIH - AR041256


Emily L. Graham, RHiA CCS-P

Hart Health Strategies (VP, Regulatory Affairs)


Brett J. Green, PhD FAAAAI

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Research Biologist)


Todd David Green, MD FAAAAI

DBV Technologies as well as Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC (Vice President, Medical Affairs North America, and Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics)

Organizational: Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America - Medical-Scientific Council; American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology - Annual Meeting Program Committee, Population Health, Infectious Diseases & International Travel Subc; International FPIES Association - Medical Advisory Board


Paul A. Greenberger, MD FAAAAI

Northwestern Univ. Feinberg School of Medicine (Professor of Medicine)

Consultant: Misc legal; Allergy Therapeutics; legal - medical malpractice

Honorarium/Gift: Wolters, Kluwer, Lippincott, Williams and Wilkens; Up-to-Date

Research Grant: NIAID, ITN to Northwestern Univ - anti-TSLP (AMG 157) (Amgen)

Organizational: WAO - Board of Directors; NIAID - Member, Data Safety Monitoring Board


Matthew J. Greenhawt, MD MBA MSc

The University of Colorado School of Medicine (Associate Professor)

Advisory Board: Sanofi

Speaker: Eastern Allergy Conference; Florida Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Society; Northern California Allergy Society; Greater Kansas City Allergy Society

Organizational: ACAAI - Food Allergy Committee Chair; EAACI - Task Force; International Association for Food Protein Enterocolitis - Medical Advisory Board Member (unpaid); Joint Taskforce on Allergy Practice Parameters - member (unpaid); Kids With Food Allergies Foundation - Medical Advisory Board Member

(unpaid); National Peanut Board - Scientific Advisory Council

Conflict Resolution: A) Full disclosure at start of any presentation or declaration of COI in any manuscript

B) Recusal when deemed appropriate

C) Use of generic product names for elemental formula and no mention of brand name unless specifically used in a study being discussed

D) I am bound by multiple non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements regarding much of the consulting work I do, and generally only refer to such products in the course of discussion of evidenced based research for didactic purposes in lectures.

E) I am willing to have a personal discussion with any person reviewing my list for a speaking engagement who feels I have any potential COI that requires additional steps. I will practice full transparency.


Justin C. Greiwe, MD FAAAAI

Bernstein Allergy Group, Inc. (Partner)

Advisory Board: AstraZeneca US PRECISION West Advisory Board Meeting; Genentech Food Allergy Advisory Board

Speaker: Regeneron and Sanofi Speakers Bureau - Dupixent


Alegra Grieb, MD

Tulane University (Resident Physician)


Marion E. Groetch, MS RDN

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (Director or Nutrition Services, Jaffe Food Allergy Institute)

Speaker: Nutricia North America; Mead Johnson; Abbott

Organizational: I-FPIES - Medical Advisory Board


Canting Guo, MD

Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine (Fellow)


Malika Gupta, MD

University of Michigan (Clinical Assistant Professor)


Ruchi S. Gupta, MD MPH

Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago, Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine (Professor of Pediatrics)

Consultant: BEFORE Brands - consulting; DBV Technologies - consulting; Kaleo, Inc - consulting

Research Grant: Mylan Specialty, L.P. - research grant; Thermo Fisher - research grant; UnitedHealth Group - research grant


Emma Guttman-Yassky, MD PhD

Mount Sinai Health System - Dermatology (Professor of Dermatology and Immunology)

Consultant: Regeneron, Pfizer, Galderma, Celgene, Leo Pharma, Dermira; Glenmark, Novartis, Abbvie, Mitsubishi Tanabe, Flx Bio, Union Therapeutics; Allergan, Almirall, Asana Biosciences, Concert, Kyowa Kirin; DS Biopharma, DBV Technologies, EMD Serono, Escalier, Sanofi

Organizational: Lilly, Asana, Glenmark - Research grant paid to my Institution; Celgene, DS Biopharma - Research grant paid to my Institution; Innovaderm, Janssen, Union Therapeutics - Research grant paid to my Institution; Leo Pharma, Novan, Ralexar - Research grant paid to my Institution; Novartis, Galderma, Dermira -

Research grant paid to my Institution; Regeneron, Pfizer, Abbvie - Research grant paid to my Institution


Angela Haczku, MD PhD FAAAAI

University of California, Davis (Professor of Medicine; Director, Center for Translational Lung Biology; Associate Dean for Research)

Advisory Board: Karger

Research Grant: NIH - Asthma treatment


John B. Hagan, MD FAAAAI

Mayo Clinic (Consultant, Division of Allergic Diseases)

Research Grant: Astra/Zeneca - Local PI on Multicenter trial Nasal Polyp Biologic; Sanofi - Local PI on Multicenter trial Nasal Polyp Biologic; TEVA - In negotiations related to probable participation as Local PI on asthma study

Conflict Resolution: Seek to emphasize the primary literature particularly high quality studies rather than opinion. Recognize concern for bias in presentation. Understand that there will be peer review of discussions.


Daniel L. Hamilos, MD FAAAAI

Massachusetts General Hospital (Associate Professor of Medicine)

Consultant: OptiNose; Sanofi


Joseph K. Han, MD FAAAAI

Eastern Virginia Medical School (Professor)

Consultant: Sanofi/Regeneron - Dupilumab


Nathaniel D. Hare, MD FAAAAI

UPMC Susquehanna Health (Allergist)


Tyler A. Harkness, BS

Massachusetts General Hospital (Clinical Research Coordinator)


Tina V. Hartert, MD MPH

Vanderilt University School Medicine (Professor of Medicine)

Organizational: American Thoracic Society - Associate Editor, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine


Jennifer Heimall, MD

University of Pennsylvania (Attending Physician)


Ralf G. Heine, MD FRACP

Nestle Health Science (Global Medical Director Pediatric Care)


Peter W. Hellings, MD

University Hospital Leuven (Adjunct Clinic Head)


Sarah E. Henrickson, MD PhD

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Attending Physician)

Organizational: Clinical Immunology Society - Advisory Committee, Women's Committee, Programming Committee


Linda Herbert, PhD

Children's National Health System (Psychologist)


Camellia Hernandez, MD

Madigan Army Medical Center (Staff Physician)


Vivian P. Hernandez-Trujillo, MD FAAAAI

Allergy and Immunology Care Center of South Florida (Attending Physician)

Consultant: Thermo fisher; Novartis; CSL Behring - Consultant, Advisory Board, Speaker; shire - Consultant, Advisory Board; kaleo - Consultant, Advisory Board, Spokesperson

Advisory Board: Bayer - Spokesperson, Claritin Council

Speaker: Octapharma

Organizational: ACAAI - Annual Planning; Allergy Watch contributor

Conflict Resolution: I will use evidence based medicine in my presentations to ensure a fair and balanced presentation.


Jennifer Ashley Hershfield, PhD

Children's Hospital Los Angeles Division of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (Clinical Psychologist)


Anne M. Hiegel, APRN

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences / Arkansas Children's Hospital (APRN)


Ikuo Hirano, MD

Northwestern Medicine (Professor of Medicine)

Organizational: American Gastroenterological Association - Vice Chair for Esophageal, Gastric and Duodenal Disorders Section; American Journal of Gastroenterology - Associate Editor


Jennifer A. Hoang, PhD

Hospital for Sick Children (Graduate Student)


W. Elliott Horner, PhD LEED AP FAAAAI

UL Environment and Sustainability (Lead Scientist)

Organizational: ASHRAE Int'l - Standard 62.1 committee, voting member; ASHRAE Int'l - chair of Environmental Health Committee; ASTM Int'l - member Sub-committees writing guides for microbial analysis and resistance, and indoor air


Jonathan O. Hourihane, MD FAAAAI

University College Cork (Professor)

Advisory Board: Aimmune - peanut immunotherapy

Speaker: Mead Johnson; Danone; Nutricia - food allergy

Organizational: Irish Food Allergy Network - Chairman; Irish association of Allergy and Immunology - President

Conflict Resolution: Full disclosure of relationships in all articles and presentations


Michael D. Howell, PhD

Incyte Corporation (Senior Director)

Stocks: Incyte Corporation - Employee


Ryan F. Hoy, MD

The Alfred Hosptal (Doctor)


Jenny Y. Huang, MD

Children's Hospital of Michigan, Wayne State University (Fellow, Allergy/Immunology)


Yvonne Huang, MD

University of Michigan Ann Arbor (Assistant Professor)

Organizational: American Thoracic Society - Assembly of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Planning Committee member

Conflict Resolution: Consider all evidence in my area of research to present a balanced view of the topic


Kathryn E. Hulse, PhD

Northwestern University (Research assistant professor)


Alison A. Humbles, PhD

MedImmune LLC (Fellow)


David P. Huston, MD FAAAAI

Texas A&M University Health Science Center College of Medicine (Professor and Associate Dean, Texas A&M HSC College of Medicine)

Honorarium/Gift: Section Editor, Current Allergy and Asthma Reports

Research Grant: Burroughs Wellcome Fund - Research support; National Institutes of Health - Research support.


Mark D. Ihrie, PhD

Duke (Postdoctoral Associate)

Research Grant: NIH - Research Training in Allergy and Clinical Immunology T32


Koji Iijima, PhD

Mayo Clinic


Elliot Israel, MD FAAAAI

Brigham and Women's Hospital (Director, Clinical Research, Pulmonary Division)

Consultant: Ryan, Ryan, Deluca; 4D Pharma; Pneuma Respiratory; Vorso Corp; AstraZeneca - Asthma Related; GlaxoSmithKline - Asthma Related; Novartis - Asthma Related; Regeneron - Asthma Related; Sanofi - Asthma Related; TEVA Specialty Pharmaceuticals - Asthma Related; Murphy & Riley - Expert Testimony

Research Grant: Genentech - Investigator; Novartis - Investigator; Sanofi - Investigator; NIH - Investigator


Melissa Itsara, MD

University of California Davis (Fellow)


Daniel J. Jackson, MD FAAAAI

University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (Associate Professor of Pediatric Allergy & Immunology)

Consultant: Vifor Pharma

Advisory Board: Novartis

Research Grant: NIH - NHLBI - Grant; NIH - NIAID - Grant; GSK - Grant


Kraig W. Jacobson, MD FAAAAI

Allergy and Asthma Research Group (Owner)

Organizational: ACAAI - Fellow; Aerobiology Committee AAAAI/ACAAI - Committee member; American Academy of Pharmaceutical Physicians - Member; Association of Clinical Research Professionals - Member; ATS - Member; Oregon Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology - Member


Sunit Jariwala, MD FAAAAI

Albert Einstein/Montefiore Medical Center (Associate Professor)

Research Grant: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality - asthma mobile app evaluation; Price Family Foundation - asthma mobile app evaluation; ALA/AAAAI - asthma mobile app development and evaluation; NIH - EHR-based intervention evaluation; NIH - symptom-based intervention evaluation

Conflict Resolution: 1) I will not use my position in AAAAI to disseminate the ASTHMAXcel mobile application.



Nizar N. Jarjour, MD

University of WI; University of Wisconsin - Madison (Professor of Medicine)


Kirsi M. Jarvinen-Seppo, MD PhD FAAAAI

University of Rochester Medical Center (Associate Professor)

Honorarium/Gift: Nestle - talk on state of art in food allergy

Research Grant: Bill and Melinda Gates foundation - breast milk immunology; NIH/NIAID - food allergy, basic immunology; Aimmune therapeutics - food allergy clinical trial

Conflict Resolution: Using only evidence-based recommendations for diagnosis and treatment


Elisabet Johansson, PhD

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (Research Associate)


Jacqueline Johnson, DrPH

Rho Federal Systems Division, Inc.

Research Grant: NIAID/NIH - Asthma and allergy projects


Douglas T. Johnston, DO FAAAAI

Asthma & Allergy Specialists/Clinical Research of Charlotte (Allergist/Immunologist)

Consultant: AAFA - Ask the Allergist; Biocryst - Consult for HAE clincal trials

Speaker: Nutricia; SHIRE - Speaker (HAE products) / Advisory board; CSL Berhing - Speaker (HAE products) / Advisory board; Pharming - Speaker (HAE products) / Advisory board

Organizational: AAFA - Medical Advisory Board

Conflict Resolution: Written and verbal disclosure prior to speaking/publications


Bridgette L. Jones, MD FAAAAI

Children's Mercy Hospital and Clinics (physician)


Sujani Kakumanu, MD FAAAAI

University of Wisconsin and Middleton Veterans Hospital (Clinical Associate Professor)


Toral A. Kamdar, MD

Asthma and Allergy Medical group Bay Area (Allergist/Immunologist)


Madeleine K. Kanaley

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine (Research Study Coordinator)


Rohit Katial, MD FAAAAI

Astra-Zeneca (Professor of Medicine)


Atsushi Kato, PhD

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine (Associate Professor of Medicine)

Research Grant: NIH - Research grants


Yukinori Kato, MD and PhD

Faculty of Medical Science, University of Fukui (Assistant Professor)


Jacob Daniel Kattan, MD FAAAAI

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (Assistant Professor)


Jennifer Kearley, PhD

MedImmune/AstraZeneca (Senior Scientist)

Stocks: MedImmune/AstraZeneca - Gained through employment

Conflict Resolution: As a speaker, I intend to disclose my employment with MedImmune/AZ at the beginning of my presentation. In addition, the slides to my talk will be branded to make this information clear.


Corinne Keet, MD MS PhD

John Hopkins School of Medicine (Associate Professor of Pediatrics)

Honorarium/Gift: ABAI

Research Grant: NIH - Food Allergy and Asthma

Organizational: ABAI - Board Member


John M. Kelso, MD FAAAAI

Scripps Clinic (Staff Physician)

Advisory Board: FDA Pulmonary-Allergy Drugs Advisory Committee

Speaker: AAP; ACAAI; ACP; Various state and local allergy societies; Symposia Medicus; AAAAI

Organizational: American Academy of Pediatrics - Fellow; American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology - Fellow; Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, Clinical and Experimental Allergy, JAMA - Reviewer; Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology - Reviewer Board; Journal of Allergy and Clinical

Immunology-In Practice - Editorial Board; Journal of Pediatrics, New England Journal of Medicine, Pediatrics, The Medical Letter , Vaccine - Reviewer; San Diego Allergy Society - member


Joshua L. Kennedy, MD

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciencees (Assistant Professor)

Research Grant: NIH- COBRE - Grant Support- 1P20GM121293; NIH- K08 - Grant Support- 1K08AI121345-01A1


Katie Kennedy, MD

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Fellow Physician)


Robert C. Kern, MD

Northwestern University (Chairman, Dept of Otolaryngology)

Consultant: 480 Biomedical - device to treat CRS; NUIG - device to treat rhinitis; Sanofi - biologic

Organizational: American Rhinologic Society - BOD member


Lila C. Kertz, MSN RN CPNP

Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis (pediatric nurse practitioner)


David A. Khan, MD FAAAAI

University Texas SW Medical Center (Professor of Medicine)

Advisory Board: Aimmune

Speaker: Genentech - Urticaria

Honorarium/Gift: UptoDate

Organizational: ACAAI - Co-chair, Conjoint Board Review Committee; ACAAI - Chair, Literature Review; TAAIS - Chair, Meetings Committee


Hirohito Kita, MD

Mayo Clinic (Professor of Medicine and Immunology)

Research Grant: NIH - AI71106, HL117823, AI128729


Jörg R. Kleine-Tebbe, MD FAAAAI

Allergy and Asthma Center Westend (Physician, MD; partner in interdisciplinary group practice, Berlin, Germany)

Advisory Board: ALK-Abelló Allergen Manufacturer, Denmark; LETI Allergy, Germany; Bencard Allergy Therapeutics, Germany; Stallergenes, Germany; Sanofi, Germany

Speaker: Allergopharma Allergen Manufacturer, Germany; ALK-Abelló Allergen Manufacturer, Germany; AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals; Bencard Allergen Manufacturer, Germany; Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Germany; Stallergenes, Allergen Manufacturer, Germany; ThermoFisher Diagnostic Company, Germany; HAL Allergy,


Research Grant: Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Germany; Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Germany; LETI Allergy, Germany

Organizational: EAACI Interest Group Immunotherapy - Board Member; German College of Allergologists (AeDA) - Regional Chair Berlin, Germany; German Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (DGAKI) - Board Member; WHO/IUIS Allergen Nomenclature Sub-Committee - Active Member (since 2017)

Conflict Resolution: I will take care of unbiassed and product-independent presentations at the AAAAI-Congress 2019 in San Francisco.


Amy Klion, MD

National Institutes of Health (Senior Clinical Investigator)


Kirsten M. Kloepfer, MD MS FAAAAI

Indiana University School of Medicine (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics)

Research Grant: AAAAI Foundation - Faculty Development Award; Indiana University - Showalter Award; NIH - K23


Jerald W. Koepke, MD FAAAAI

Colorado Allergy and Asthma Centers, P.C. (Physician & Clinical Prof. U. of Colorado Health Sciences Center & School of Pharmacology)


Melissa T. Korenblat-Hanin, ACSW LCSW

St. Louis Children's Hospital (Asthma Social Worker)


Leah Claire Nesbitt Kottyan, PhD

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (Assistant Professor)


Hideaki Kouzaki, MD PhD

Shiga University of Medical Science (assistant professor)


Mark Krasnow

Stanford University School of Medicine (Professor of Biochemistry)


Lauren Kronisch, RD LD

Texas Children's Hospital (Clinical Dietitian)

Organizational: FARE - Advocacy Day Volunteer


Attila Kumanovics, MD

Department of Pathology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City (Assistant Professor)

Research Grant: IMMUNE DEFICIENCY FOUNDATION; NIH - Web tools for physician-driven diagnostic interpretation of genomic patient data


Jason Kwah, MD

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine (Fellow)


Mildred Kwan, MD PhD

University of North Carolina (Assistant Professor of Medicine)


Carolyn Kwiat, MD

Northwell Health (Resident Physician)


Mark S. La Shell, MD FAAAAI

Washington Permanente Medical Group (Program Chief - Alergy & Asthma)


Anna Lang, MD PhD

University of Wisconsin (Fellow)


David M. Lang, MD FAAAAI

Cleveland Clinic Foundation (Chairman, Dept of Allergy and Clinical Immunology; Co-Director, Asthma Center; Respiratory Institute)

Consultant: Hycor; Genentech/Novartis - Asthma, Urticaria/Angioedema

Speaker: AstraZeneca; Genentech/Novartis - Asthma - disease state

Research Grant: Genentech/Novartis - Support furnished to Cleveland Clinic Respiratory Institute

Organizational: Allergy and Asthma Proceedings - Editorial Board; DynaMed - Topic Editor; J Asthma - Associate Editor; NQF - Delegate to NQF representing AAAAI


Desiree E.S. Larenas Linnemann, MD FAAAAI

Own employer (Director Center of Excellence in Asthma and Allergy)

Consultant: Novartis, Sanofi, GSK, astrazeneca, DBV Technologies

Speaker: Novartis, MEDA, Pfizer, astrazeneca, Novartis, Sanofi, GSK, , UCB

Honorarium/Gift: Novartis, Sanofi, UCB

Research Grant: Sanofi, GSK

Organizational: AAAAI - Member AIT committee; ACAAI - Chair LatAm portfolio international committee; Member AIT committee; ARIA - Country coordinator ARIA Mexico; CMICA - Board of Directors; GUIMA - National coordinator Mexican Asthma Guidelines; EAACI - Chair international Societies Council


Sabine C. Laßmann, Sr., ENT specialist

Self-employed (Specialist in Otolaryngology /Allergology Saalfeld,Germany)


Lisa LaVange, PhD

University of North Carolina (Professor and Associate Chair, Biostatistics)


Gerald B. Lee, MD

Emory University School of Medicine (Assistant Professor)

Advisory Board: Teva Pharmaceuticals

Organizational: ACAAI - Chair of the Accreditation and Certification Committee; Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America - Member, Scientific Council; ACAAI - Member, Education Council

Conflict Resolution: I do not discuss future CME activities planned by the ACAAI or the AAAAI outside of the organizations unless this is publically available. I left the AAAAI CME committee when I became chair of the ACAAI Accreditation and Certification committee; In discussing asthma medications I will cite evidence and present products from multiple companies.


Hwa Young Lee

Seoul St Mary's hospital (Assistant Professor)


Ji-Hyang Lee

Asan Medical Center (Clinical fellow)


Joohee Lee, MD

Food and Drug Administration (Medical Officer)


Rachel Umi Lee, MD FAAAAI

US Navy (Allergist/Immunologist)


Fanny Legrand, PhD PharmD

NIH (Post Doctoral Fellow)


Heather K. Lehman, MD FAAAAI

University of Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics)

Research Grant: Leadiant - Site PI for EZN-2279 trial; NIH/NIAID - Salary support from R01; Shire - Site PI for Pediatric Hyqvia trial

Conflict Resolution: No industry-related questions will be included in the In-Training Exam questions. I will not directly engage with Leadiant or Shire in my role as PIDD committee vice-chair.


Robert F. Lemanske Jr., MD FAAAAI

University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine and Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Research)

Organizational: American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology - Fellow; American Academy of Pediatrics - Member; American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology - Member; American Pediatric Society - Member; American Thoracic Society - Member; Society for Pediatric Research - Member


Harvey Leo, MD FAAAAI

Allergy and Immunology Associates of Ann Arbor (Physician)


Ethan A. Lerner, CME

Harvard Medical School / Massachusetts General Hospital (Director, MGH Program in Itch)

Consultant: Merck; Toray

Advisory Board: Escient Pharmaceuticals; Pyriamid Biosciences; Sienna Biopharmaceuticals

Research Grant: Pfizer - Skin biology; Dermira - Skin biology

Conflict Resolution: None of the relationships are about approved pharmaceuticals or clinical studies in which I have an interest. Thus, there is no impact on any presentation that I give.


Estelle Levetin, PhD FAAAAI

University of Tulsa (Professor of Biology)


Megan Ott Lewis, MSN CRNP

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Pediatric Nurse Practitioner)

Consultant: DBV Technologies - patch products; care advisory board; consultant for marketing work

Advisory Board: Aimmune therapeutics

Speaker: National Eczema Association; Medscape

Conflict Resolution: Currently both the DBV patch and Aimmune product are not FDA approved. I will not encourage or show bias towards one product or another. I will include disclosure slides at any speaking engagements.


Lily Li, MD

Brigham & Women's Hospital (Clinical Research Fellow)


Emily H. Liang, MD

Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center (Fellow Physician)


Phillip L. Lieberman, MD FAAAAI

Allergy and Asthma Care (member)

Consultant: astra zeneca - anaphylaxis; genentech - anaphylaxis; kaleo - anaphylaxis

Speaker: Meda - rhinitis; Mylan - anaphylaxis; sanofi - asthma


Margee Louisias, MD

Brigham & Women's Hospital (Allergy-Immunology Attending)


Olga Luengo, MD

Hospital Vall D' Hebron (Consultant in allergy)


Shazia Lutfeali, MD

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (Fellow Physician)


Susan V. Lynch, PhD

University of California San Francisco (Professor In Residence)

Stocks: Siolta Therapeutics - Stock options

Consultant: Siolta Therapeutics - Consultant

Research Grant: NIH/NIAID - Sponsored research; NIH/NICHD - Sponsored research; NIH/Office of the Director - Sponsored Research; NIH/NIDA - Sponsored Research; NIH/NIDDK - Sponsored Research

Organizational: BioMed Central - Senior Editor, Microbiome

Conflict Resolution: Will not present data from Siolta studies.


Jonathan Lyons, MD

NIH/NIAID (Chief, Translational Allergic Immunopathology Unit)


Tania Maes, PhD

Ghent University (Prof)

Stocks: Oryzon Genomics

Research Grant: Belgian Federal Governement-Interuniversity attraction poles - research on asthma (including role of miRNAs); Concerted research action, Ghent University - research on role of miRNAs in asthma and COPD


Mahboobeh Mahdavinia, MD PhD

Rush University Medical Center (faculty)


Amarilla Bernadett Mandola, MD

The Hospital for Sick Children (Fellow in training (FIT) Allergy and Clinical Immunology)


Sharon B. Markovics, MD FAAAAI

Manhasset Allergy and Asthma Associates, A Division of ProHEALTH Care Associates, LLP (Partner in this practice)


Maria Andreina Marques-Mejias, MD

University Hospital of La Paz (Allergy fellow)


Bryan L. Martin, DO FAAAAI

The Ohio State University (Emeritus Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education, Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics)

Organizational: World Allergy Organization - Board of Directors


Sameer K. Mathur, MD PhD FAAAAI

University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (Associate Professor)

Consultant: Astra-Zeneca - Eosinophil count and healthcare utilization

Research Grant: NIH - Eosinophilic Esophagitis Biomarker

Conflict Resolution: I will disclose my involvement as a consultant and founder of company. My discussion about eosinophils and therapies will be based on published literature to limit any perceived bias.


Fallon Matney, MSW LCSW CAM

International FPIES Association (I-FPIES) (Founder & President)

Organizational: International FPIES Association (I-FPIES) - Founder and Chair


Elizabeth C. Matsui, MD MHS FAAAAI

University of Texas at Austin (Professor)

Organizational: AAP - No remuneration. Serve on SOAI executive committee


Marcus Maurer, MD

Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Professor of Dermatology and Allergy)


Kathleen R. May, MD FAAAAI

Augusta University/Medical College of Georgia (Division Chief, Allergy/Immunology/Pediatric Rheumatology)

Organizational: ABAI - Board member through 2020 & 2018 Chair; ACAAI - Treasurer 2018-2019


Kathryn McCauley, MPH

University of California, San Francisco (Biostatistician/Bioinformatician)


Stephen J. McGeady, MD FAAAAI

Nemours Foundation (Attending Physician Division of Allergy & Immunology)


Emily C. McGowan, MD PhD FAAAAI

University of Virginia School of Medicine (Assistant Professor)

Consultant: Shire

Research Grant: NIH/NIAID - 1K23AI123596


A. Sean McKnight, MD FAAAAI

Allergy Partners (Shareholder Physician/ / Board Member)

Consultant: Mead Johnson

Speaker: Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals


Reena S. Mehta, MD FAAAAI

Uptown Allergy & Asthma (Attending Physician)


Dean D. Metcalfe, MD FAAAAI

LAD/NIAID/NIH/DHHS (Chief, Mast Cell Biology Section)

Organizational: WAO - Special Committee on Eosinophils, Mast Cells, and Basophils


Irene Mikhail, MD FAAAAI

Nationwide Children's Hospital (Attending Physician)


Christopher D. Miller, MD

Children's Mercy Hospitals & Clinics, Section of Allergy (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics)


Joshua D. Milner, MD

NIH (Tenured Senior investigator)


Jay R. Montgomery, MD FAAAAI

Defense Health Agency (Medical Director)


Cindy H. Moon, MPP MPH

Hart Health Strategies Inc. (Vice President, Health Care Payment and Delivery Reform)

Consultant: Semler Scientific


Laura M. Moore, MD FAAAAI

Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Center of Alaska, LLC (Allergy Partner)

Organizational: AAFA Alaska - Board of Directors


Timothy P. Moran, MD PhD

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (Assistant Professor)


Hideaki Morita, MD PhD

National Research Institute for Child Health and Development, Japan (Chief)


Giselle S. Mosnaim, MD MS FAAAAI

NorthShore University HealthSystem (Attending Physician)

Stocks: Electrocore - Asthma

Consultant: Novartis

Advisory Board: Boehringer Ingelheim; Astra Zeneca - Asthma; GlaxoSmithKline - Asthma; Propeller Health - Asthma; Sanofi-Regeneron - Asthma; Teva - Asthma

Research Grant: GlaxoSmithkline - Asthma; Propeller Health - Asthma; Astra Zeneca - Asthma


Manali Mukherjee, PhD

McMaster University (Post-doctoral Research Fellow)


Alok Mulky

Center for Scientific Review, NIH (Scientific Review Officer)


Andrew W. Murphy, MD FAAAAI

Asthma, Allergy and Sinus Center (Physician)

Organizational: AAAAI - Member, Advocacy Committee; AAAAI - Chair, Office of Practice Management; Chester County Medical Society - Member; Editor - Practice Matter!; Penn Medicine - Chester County Hospital - Allergy Section, Affiliate; Pennsylvania Asthma Allergy Association - member; Pennsylvania Medical

Society - Member; Philadelphia Allergy Alliance - Treasurer; Philadelphia Allergy Society - Past - President; United States Pharmacopeia - Expert Consulting Physician, Expert Committee on Compounding


Kevin R. Murphy, MD

Boys Town National Research Hospital (Physician)


S. Shahzad Mustafa, MD FAAAAI

Rochester Regional Health Allergy, Immunology, & Rheumatology (Lead Physician, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine)

Speaker: Astrazeneca - Asthma; Genentech - Unbranded Asthma and Xolair for Asthma and Urticaria; Regeneron - Atopic dermatitis and Asthma; Teva - Asthma


Sairaman Nagarajan, MD MPH

SUNY Downstate Medical Center (Fellow)


Cathryn R. Nagler, PhD

University of Chicago (Professor)

Advisory Board: Food Allergy Research & Education - honorarium


Anil Nanda, MD FAAAAI

Asthma and Allergy Center (Physician)


Priya Nath, MD

San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Education Consortium (Allergy Fellow)


Ajay P. Nayak, PhD

Thomas Jefferson University (Junior Faculty)


Theresa L. Nee, RN

UPMC (Registered Nurse)


Kathryn Neupert, MD

Tulane University School of Medicine (Allergy and Immunology Fellow)


Andrew S. Nickels, MD

Park Nicollet Health Services (Physician)


Rory Nicolaides, MD

UT Southwestern Medical Center (Allergy and Immunology Fellow)


Tomoko Nishio, MD

Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine


Sally A. Noone, RN MSN



Allison E. Norlander, PhD

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)


Sergei I. Ochkur

Mayo Clinic in Arizona (Research Associate)


Hans C. Oettgen, MD PhD FAAAAI

Children's Hospital Boston (Associate Chief, Division of Immunology, Professor of Pediatrics)


Ji Hyun Oh

Seoul national university (Fellow)


Markus W. Ollert, MD

Luxembourg Institute of Health and University of Southern Denmark (SDU) (Director at Luxembourg Institute of Health and Clinical Professor at SDU)

Consultant: HYCOR - Diagnostic Laboratory Tests

Advisory Board: Hycor


Grant C. Olson, MD

Colorado Allergy & Asthma Centers, PC (Allergist)


Liam O'Mahony, PhD

National University of Ireland, Cork (Prof. of Immunology)

Organizational: EAACI - Immunology Section Board Chair; EAACI - Excom Member


John Oppenheimer, MD FAAAAI

Pulmonary and Allergy Associates (Director of Research)

Consultant: teva, glaxo, dbv, AZ, Sanofi


Jordan Scott Orange, MD PhD FAAAAI

Columbia University (Professor)

Consultant: Grifols; CSL Behring; Shire - Immunoglobulin

Advisory Board: ADMA - Plasma products

Honorarium/Gift: Up To Date - Immunology, Immunoglobulin

Organizational: American Association of Immunology - Human Immunology Committee/Program Chair; Clinical Immunology - Editorial Board; Clinical Immunology Society - Past President; Frontiers in Immunology - Associate Editor; Immune Deficiency Foundation - Medical Advisory Council; Jeffrey Modell Foundation -

Steering Committee/Grants Review Chair; Journal of Clinical Immunology - Editorial Board; Journal of Immunology - Associate Editor

Conflict Resolution: I am on the primary immunodeficiency committee and will disclose my relations with entities manufacturing therapeutic products for these patients.


Roxanne C. Oriel, MD

Mount Sinai School of Medicine (Assistant Professor)


Benjamin Ortiz, MD

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (Lead Medical Director, Respiratory Medical Unit)


Hanneke (J.N.G.) Oude Elberink, MD PhD


Karin A. Pacheco, MD MSPH FAAAAI

National Jewish Medical and Research Center (Associate Professor)


Debbie Palmer

Telethon Kids Institute (Head of Childhood Allergy and Immunology Research)


Dingxin Pan

Brigham and Women's Hospital (Research Fellow)


Nikolaos G. Papadopoulos, MD FAAAAI

National Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece (Professor, Head of Allergy Dpt, 2nd Pediatric Clinic)

Organizational: Respiratory Effectiveness Group - President


Andrea A. Pappalardo, MD FAAAAI

University of Illinois at Chicago (Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics)

Speaker: Boerhinger-Ingelheim - Spiriva Respimat

Research Grant: Centers of Medicare and Medicaid - Coordination of Healthcare for Complex kids (CHECK) Healthcare Innovation Award


Kenneth Paris, MD MPH

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center (Associate Professor of Pediatrics)

Advisory Board: CSL Behring - HAE, Immunoglobulin; Shire - Immunoglobulin, Treatment of Immunodeficiency

Organizational: Clinical Immunology Society - Member, Advocacy Committee

Conflict Resolution: Adherence to institutional requirements and oversight of above activities.


Nandinee Patel, MD

Imperial College London (Clinical Research Fellow)


Miya O. Paterniti, MD

FDA (Medical Officer)


Sarita U. Patil, MD

Massachusetts General Hospital (Assistant in Medicine, Instructor)

Research Grant: National Institutes of Health - B cell responses in peanut OIT


David B. Peden, MD MS FAAAAI

University NC School Medicine (Andrews Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics and Senior Associate Dean for Translational Research)

Consultant: NIH (grant reviews); GSK - Interventions to mitigate the effect of air pollution on health; Sanofi - Interventions to mitigate the effect of air pollution on health

Advisory Board: Teva - Identification of therapeutic targets for asthma

Research Grant: EPA - PI, Cooperative Agreement; NCATS - Key personnel, CTSA and Data Translator project; NHLBI - PI, P01 grant; Key personnel, PreCISE Asthma network; NIEHS - PI, 2 R01 grants; NSF - Medical Director, ASSIST project

Organizational: EPA - Member, Special Committee for Particulate Matter CASAC; EPA - Member, Special Panel for SO2, CASAC; FDA - Allergenic Products Advisory Committee Member


David Peloza, MD

University of Wisconsin Hospitals & Clinics (Fellow)


Audrey Pennington, PhD, MPH

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer)


Perdita Permaul, MD FAAAAI

New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medicine (Assistant Physician)


Tamara T. Perry, MD

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (Associate Professor)


Jesse B. Persily

New York University (Medical Student)


Matthew S. Perzanowski, PhD

Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health (Associate Professor)


Jonathan G. Peter, MD PhD

University of Cape Town/Western Cape Provincial Health (Head of Division of Allergology and Clinical Immunology)


Rachel L. Peters, PhD

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (Research officer)


Oliver Pfaar

Department of ORL HNS, Section of Rhinology and Allergy, University Hospital Marburg, Germany (Scientific staff, physician)

Consultant: Lofarma, Germany; ASIT Biotech, Belgium

Advisory Board: Stallergenes, Germany; LETI Pharma, Germany; Bencard, Germany; HAL-Allergie, Germany; ALK Abello, Germany; Anergis, Switzerland; ASIT Biotech, Belgium; MEDA Pharma, Germany

Speaker: Bencard, Germany; Lofarma, Germany; ALK Abello, Germany; Allergopharma, Germany; EUFOREA, Belgium; Disease Management, Germany; KGL. DÄNISCHES GENERALKONSULAT/ THE TRADE COUNCIL; AeDA, Germany; Charité, Berlin, Germany; AAAAI, USA

Organizational: European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) - Current ExCom member, Past Chair Immunotherapy IG; German Society for Allergology and Clinical Immunology (DGAKI) - Ext. Board of Directors

Conflict Resolution: My presentation will be scientifically sound and independent from any influence (financial or other) from third parties.


I will disclose verbally and visually at the beginning of each presentation any potential conflict of interest. This will be done by the use of a slide or slides containing the information on the disclosure form. I will also disclose to participants discussion of investigational products or investigational uses of products included in my presentation.


Neelam A. Phadke, MD

Partners Healthcare (Clinical/Research Fellow in Allergy/Immunology)

Conflict Resolution: I do not accept anything from my spouse's company.


Elizabeth J. Phillips, MD FAAAAI FIDSA

Vanderbilt University (Professor of Medicine)


Lily Pien, MD FAAAAI

Cleveland Clinic Foundation (Staff Attending, Associate Driector of Faculty Development, Associate Professor of Medicine)


Michael Pistiner, MD MMSc

MassGeneral Hospital for Children, Food Allergy Center (Pediatric Allergist)

Consultant: DBV; Kaleo

Research Grant: DBV - Grant for reaction survey/registry

Conflict Resolution: Will not abstain from discussions of allergy training resources..


Peter J. Pityn, PhD

OSHTECH Incorporated (Occupational & Environmental Hygiene Consultant)


Brooke I. Polk, MD

Washington University (Assistant Professor)


Anna Pomés, PhD FAAAAI

INDOOR Biotechnologies, Inc. (Research Director)

Research Grant: NIH/NIAID - R01 Award

Organizational: NIH/NIAID - Reviewer; WHO/IUIS Allergen Nomenclature Sub-Committee - Secretary


Punita Ponda, MD FAAAAI

Northwell Health System (Assitant Professor)


Jacqueline A. Pongracic, MD FAAAAI

Ann and Robert H Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago (Division Head, Allergy and Immunology)

Research Grant: DBV Technologies - Food allergy; University of Wisconsin - Asthma (subcontract); Aimmune - Food allergy


Jill A. Poole, MD FAAAAI

UNMC (Professor)

Research Grant: NIH and NIOSH - Principal investigator, Co-investigator


Todor A. Popov, MD PhD

University Hospital Sv. Ivan Rilski, Sofia, Bulgaria (Professor)


Valerie G. Press, MD MPH

University of Chicago (Assistant Professor)

Consultant: Roundglass

Research Grant: NIH - reserach grant

Organizational: Chicago Asthma Consortium - Board member


Mary Prunicki, MD, PhD

Stanford University (Instructor)

Organizational: American Lung Assoc - Board Member


Leonardo Puerta, PhD

University of Cartagena (Professor)


Donald W. Pulver, MD FAAAAI

Allergy, Asthma and Immunology of Rochester (physician)


James M. Quinn, MD FAAAAI

United States Department of Defense (Associate Program Director)


Santiago Quirce, MD PhD

Hospital La Paz (Head, Department of Allergy)


Nathan Rabinovitch, MD

Natl. Jewish Health (Professor of Pediatrics)

Organizational: California Tobacco Related Disease Research Program - Chair -Toxicology Review Panel


Rima A. Rachid, MD FAAAAI

Boston children's hospital (Assistant professor, Harvard Medical School)

Stocks: Consortia Therapeutics - Bacterial consortia for food allergy

Honorarium/Gift: Up-to-Date

Research Grant: Aimmune Therapeutics - AR101 peanut product; Baxalta - HYQVIA SCIG product; End Allergy Together - Food Allergy Philanthropic organization

Conflict Resolution: I am the site PI of research studies funded by Aimmune. However, I do not try to promote the Aimmune product as superior to other immunotherapy products and there are pros and cons for each approach. I also do not try to promote BAxalta products. I will not moderate sessions where consortia product is discussed.


Madeleine Radinger, PhD

University of Gothenburg (Associate Professor)


Mariana A. Rahal


Puja Sood Rajani, MD

University of Rochester (Assistant Professor)


Gita Ram, MD

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Attending Physician)


Sima Ramratnam, MD MPH

University of Madison Wisconsin (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics)


Allison Ramsey, MD FAAAAI

Rochester Regional Health (Attending Physician)

Research Grant: Shire - Subcutaneous immunoglobulin in secondary immunodeficiency due to rituximab


Cynthia S. Rand, PhD

Johns Hopkins University (Professor)


Christopher C. Randolph, MD FAAAAI

Center for Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (Clinical Professor Yale)

Consultant: Merck

Advisory Board: GSK

Speaker: Boehringer Ingelheim; Ista; Sunvirion; Shire speaker; Optinose

Honorarium/Gift: TEVA speaker,consultant,research grant; meda speaker honorarium

Research Grant: AstraZeneca; ALK


Conflict Resolution: To absent myself from JTF discussions on involving these conflicts and to state my conflicts for all lectures.


Marjohn M. Rasooly, FNP-C

NIH (Nurse Practitioner)


Melinda M. Rathkopf, MD FAAAAI

Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Center of Alaska (Partner)


Anuradha Ray, PhD

University of Pittsburgh (Professor of Medicine & Immunology)


Ashwini Reddy, MD

Childrens hospital of Philadelphia/University of Pennsylvania (Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics)


Margaret Redmond, MD

Nationwide Children's Hospital (Clinical Staff)


Juliana E. Regan

MGH Allergy Associates (Registered Nurse)


Harald E. Renz, MD FAAAAI

Philipps University Marburg (Professor and Director)

Organizational: Deutsche Gesellschast fur Allergologie and Klinische Immunologie (DGAKI) - 2nd Vice President; Deutsche Gesellschaft für Klinische Chemie - Vice President


Cali Reynolds, MD

University of Alabama at Birmingham (Allergy/ Immunology Fellow)


Kimberly A. Risma, MD PhD FAAAAI

Cincinnati Children's Hosp. Med. Center (Associate Professor)


Felix E. Rivera-Mariani, PhD

Larkin University (Professor)


Lacey Robinson, MD

Massachusetts General Hospital (Fellow)

Research Grant: NIH - T32HL116275


Sara H. Roebuck, MPH, RN, BSN, CPPS

Dartmouth Hitchcock (Quality and Safety Specialist RN)


Antonino Gaetano Romano, MD

Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Associate Professor)


Neil D. Romberg, MD

University of Pennsylvania/Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Assistant Professor)


Nelson Augusto Rosario, MD PhD FAAAAI

Federal University of Paraná (Professor of Pediatrics)

Organizational: Brazilian Association of Allergy and Immunology - Director; Brazilian Pediatric Society - Director; Global Asthma Association - 2nd. Vice-President


Daniel A. Rosloff, MD

Albany Medical Center (Fellow)


Marc E. Rothenberg, MD PhD FAAAAI

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (Director of the Division of Allergy and Immunology)

Consultant: Spoon Guru; Glaxo Smith Kline; Pulm-One; Celgene; Genetech; Immune Pharmaceuticals; Shire; Astra Zeneca; Allakos; Adare; Novartis; ClostraBio

Research Grant: Astra Zeneca - Benralizumab in Eosinophilic Gastritis; CURED Foundation - Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disease; NIH - Allergic Inflammation

Organizational: American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders - Member, Medical Advisory Board; CEGIR (Consortium of Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disease Researchers) - Principal Investigator; International Eosinophil Society - Steering Committee; TIGERS - Steering Committee

Conflict Resolution: I present unbiased information in my activities for the AAAAI, and I am not currently studying any product produced by these companies.


John M. Routes, MD FAAAAI

Medical College of Wisconsin (Chief, Sect. Al./Cl. Imm.)


Marc L. Rubin, RPh AE-C


Organizational: ACAAI - Member; ACCP - Member; Asso of Asthma Educators - Member; ATS - Member; Chicago Asthma Consortium - Board of Directors; WAO - Member


Melanie A. Ruffner, MD PhD

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Instructor)

Research Grant: NIH - KL2TR001879


Bert Ruiter, PhD

Massachusetts General Hospital (Instructor in Medicine)


Christine Rukasin, MD

Vanderbilt University (Clinical Fellow)


Michael R. Rupp, MD FAAAAI

The Allergy and Asthma Clinic of Southern New Mexico (Medical Director)

Speaker: Astra Zeneca - Symbicort, Bevespi

Organizational: ACAAI - Board of Regents, Committee Chair


Patrick H. Ryan

University of Cincinnati (Assistant Professor)


Gwanghui Ryu

Soonchunhyang University Cheonan Hospital (Clinical assistant professor)


Rebecca Saff, MD PhD FAAAAI

Massachusetts General Hospital (Allergy/Immunology Attending, Assistant in Medicine)


Ekaterina Safroneeva, PhD

Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (Senior Scientist)

Advisory Board: Receptos / Celgene Corporation Inc.


Sarbjit Singh Saini, MD FAAAAI

Johns Hopkins Allergy Asthma Center (Professor of Medicine)

Consultant: Genentech/Roche; Regeneron; Novartis; Alakos; Astra-Zeneca - Consultant/Research

Research Grant: Regeneron - Allergic Rhinitis; NIH - Urticaria/ Immunotherapy

Organizational: Asthma and Allergy Foundation - Board member; UptoDate - Section Editor; ABAI - Board member


Zeinab Saleh, MD

Henry Ford Hospital (In-training Fellow)


Carol A. Saltoun, MD FAAAAI

Northwestern University - Feinberg School of Medicine (Associate Professor of Medicine)


Rushani W. Saltzman, MD

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Attending Physician)


Sachin Samuchiwal, PhD

Brigham and Women's Hospital (Research Fellow)


Joaquin Sastre, MD PhD FAAAAI

Fundacion Jimenez Diaz (Servicio Alergia)

Organizational: ALK - Advisory board, research grant; Hycor - Advisory board; Novartis - clinical trial; Roche - Advisory board; Sanofi - Advisory board; Stallergenes - Advisory board


Allison M. Schaible, RDN

Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai (Clinical Nutrition Coordinator)


Michael Schatz, MD MS FAAAAI

Kaiser Permanente (Allergist, Dept. of Allergy)

Research Grant: Merck - Chronic cough; ALK - Odactra (mite SLIT) safety

Organizational: NHLBI - Member, Expert Panel 4; NIAID - Chair, Data Safety Monitoring Board

Conflict Resolution: I will only present management recommendations based on standard guidelines or published data


Eric M. Schauberger, DO PhD

University of Wisconsin (Assistant Professor)


Peter Schmid-Grendelmeier, MD

Allergy Unit (Prof., Head Allergy Unit, Dept of Dermatology, University Hospital of Zuerich)

Organizational: EAACI - Vice President Education and Speciality


Charles Schuler, MD

University of Michigan (Physician Fellow)

Research Grant: NIH - T32 Training Grant


Edith Schussler, MD

Weill Cornell Medicine (Assistant Professor)


Amy M. Scurlock, MD

UAMS/AR Children's Hospital (Associate Professor)


Daniel A. Searing, MD

University of Colorado School of Medicine (Physician)


Sara Seghezzo, MD

University of California - San Francisco (Clinical Fellow)


Ruchi Shah, MD

Vanderbilt University


Marcus S. Shaker, MD MS FAAAAI

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (Associate Professor of Pediatrics)

Conflict Resolution: I have no personal interest or revenue from Altrix Medical


Mohamed H. Shamji, BSc MSc PhD FAAAAI

Imperial College London (Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Immunology and Allergy)


Hillary Shane, PhD

CDC/NIOSH (Research Biologist)


Hemant P. Sharma, MD MHS FAAAAI

Children's National Medical Center (Associate Professor of Pediatrics)


William J. Sheehan, MD FAAAAI

Children's National Medical Center (Attending Physician, Allergy and Immunology; Associate Professor in Pediatrics)


Javed Sheikh, MD FAAAAI

Southern California Permanente Medical Group (Physician in Allergy)

Organizational: ACAAI - Member


Eyal Shemesh, MD

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (Professor)


Kirk V. Shepard, II, MD

University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine (Allergy and Immunology Fellow)


Ellen R. Sher, MD FAAAAI

Allergy Partners of NJ (Physician Partner)

Speaker: Boehringer Ingelheim; Kaleo; Greer/Stallergens; Optinose; ALK - Speaker programs for Oralair, Advisory Board; Aimmune - Speaker, consultant, advisory board, stock (about $4000- 150 shares); CSL Behring - Haegarda speaker; Regeneron - speaker for Dupixent/Dupilumab; Sanofi Genzyme - Speaker, Advisory

Board and research clinical trial for Dupilumab; Teva Pharmaceuticals - Qvar, QNASL, ProAir and CINQAIR programs, PBLs, webinars; Astra-Zeneca - Speaker for Fasenra

Research Grant: Allergy Therapeutics; Biota; Afferent; Mylan


Jennifer A. Shih, MD

Emory University (Medical Director)

Advisory Board: Teva Respiratory South Regional Advisory Board; Astrazenaca


Jodi A. Shroba, MSN APRN CPNP

Children's Mercy Hospital (Nurse practitioner)

Organizational: Aimmune - Advisory board; DBV - Advisory board


Scott H. Sicherer, MD FAAAAI

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (Professor of Pediatrics)

Honorarium/Gift: AAAAI - Assoc Editor JACI IP

Research Grant: FARE; NIAID/NIH - NA; HAL Allergy - Peanut vaccine

Organizational: AAP - Ad hoc representative to Section on Allergy and Immunology Executive Committee; FARE - As a site in the FARE Clinical Network they consider me a medical advisor but this is a grant to our; Food Allergy Fund - Medical Advisory Board; I-FPIES - Medical advisory board


Jonathan I. Silverberg

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine (Assistant Professor)

Consultant: Anaptysbio; Regeneron - Atopic Dermatitis; Sanofi - Atopic Dermatitis; Abbvie - Atopic Dermatitis; Eli Lilly - Atopic Dermatitis; Galderma - Atopic Dermatitis; GlaxoSmithKline - Atopic Dermatitis; Kiniksa - Atopic Dermatitis; Leo Pharma - Atopic Dermatitis; Realm Pharmaceuticals - Atopic Dermatitis; Asana

Biosciences - Atopic Dermatitis

Conflict Resolution: Full disclosure

Fair and balanced presentation.


William S. Silvers, MD FAAAAI

William S. Silvers, M.D., P.C. (Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado School of Medicine)


Hans-Uwe Simon, MD PhD FAAAAI

University of Bern (Director, Institute of Pharmacology)


Jennifer C. Simonaire, DO

Virginia Commonwealth University (Allergy/Immunology Fellow)


Anne Marie Singh, MD

University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (Associate Professor)

Research Grant: NIH - Food Allergy; NIH - Symbiosis


Isabel J. Skypala, PhD RD

Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust (Consultant Allergy Dietitian & Clinical Lead for Food Allergy)

Organizational: European Academy of Allergy & Clinical Immunology - Member at Large on the Executive Committee of EAACI; International Network of Diet and Nutrition in Allergy - Member of the steering committee and treasurer


Maria A. Slack, MD

University of Rochester Medical Center (Assistant Professor)


Jay E. Slater, MD

FDA/CBER/OVRR/DBPAP (Division Director/Supervisory Medical Officer)


Neal Smith

Center for Immunology & Inflammatory Diseases, Massachusetts General Hospital (Lab manager)


Scott A. Smith, MD PhD

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Assistant Professor)


Caroline L. Sokol, MD PhD

Massachusetts General Hospital (Assistant Physician)

Advisory Board: Adeo Health Science

Conflict Resolution: Adeo Health Science - I do not engage in research specific to their products or speak regarding their products.

NIH - I disclose my grant funding.


Roland Solensky, MD FAAAAI

The Corvallis Clinic (Physician)

Research Grant: Stallergenes/Greer

Organizational: Oregon Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology - Member


Lianne Soller, PhD

University of British Columbia (Allergy Research Manager)


Amika Sood, MD

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Allergy and Immunology Post-doctoral Research Fellow)

Research Grant: NIH - 5T32AI007062-40


Weily Soong, MD FAAAAI

Alabama Allergy and Asthma Center (Physician and Managing Partner)

Advisory Board: Genentech; AstraZeneca; Regeneron; Teva

Speaker: AstraZeneca - Fasenra; Sanofi/Regeneron - Dupixent

Research Grant: 3M - Investigator in Pharmaceutical Sponsored Clinical Trials; Aimmune - Investigator in Pharmaceutical Sponsored Clinical Trials; Galderma - Investigator in Pharmaceutical Sponsored Clinical Trials; GSK - Investigator in Pharmaceutical Sponsored Clinical Trials; Leo - Investigator in Pharmaceutical

Sponsored Clinical Trials; Menlo - Investigator in Pharmaceutical Sponsored Clinical Trials; Relaxar - Investigator in Pharmaceutical Sponsored Clinical Trials; Stallergens - Investigator in Pharmaceutical Sponsored Clinical Trials; Teva - Investigator in Pharmaceutical Sponsored Clinical Trials; AstraZeneca - Investigator in

Pharmaceutical Sponsored Clinical Trials; Genentech - Investigator in Pharmaceutical Sponsored Clinical Trials; Novartis - Investigator in Pharmaceutical Sponsored Clinical Trials; Regeneron - Investigator in Pharmaceutical Sponsored Clinical Trials; Sanofi - Investigator in Pharmaceutical Sponsored Clinical Trials; Vanda

 - Investigator in Pharmaceutical Sponsored Clinical Trials; Pfizer - Investigator in Pharmaceutical Sponsored Clinical Trials; Glenmark - Investigator in Pharmaceutical Sponsored Clinical Trials; Optinose - Investigator in Pharmaceutical Sponsored Clinical Trials

Organizational: Alabama Society of Allergy & Immunology - Past-President; VA Medical Center Birmingham AL - Section Chief - part time

Conflict Resolution: I will be very clear on the conflicts that I will have. If there is an issue, I will easily withdraw from the decision making. I will also try to be fair and balanced.


Victoria Soriano


Lisa A. Spencer, PhD FAAAAI

Beth Israel Deaconess Med. Center (Assistant Professor)


Brecht Steelant, PhD

KULeuven (Postdoctoral Researcher)


Gary C. Steven, MD PhD FAAAAI

Allergy Asthma and Sinus Center (Allergist)

Advisory Board: Optinose

Speaker: Optinose

Research Grant: GSK - Principal investigator - sponsored Phase III trials; Merck - Principal investigator - sponsored Phase III trials; Novartis - Principal investigator - sponsored Phase III trials; Teva - Principal investigator - sponsored Phase III trials; AstraZeneca - Principal investigator - sponsored Phase III trials; Pearl -

Principal investigator - sponsored Phase III trials; Roche - Principal investigator - sponsored Phase III trials

Organizational: ACAAI - Accreditation and Credentialing Committee; Fight Asthma Milwaukee Allies - Executive Director


Mariana L. Stevens

Cincinnati Children's Hospital (Research Associate)


Whitney Stevens, MD PhD FAAAAI

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine (Assistant Professor)


Kelley Stoltz

Nationwide Children's Hospital (RN)


Kelly D. Stone, MD PhD FAAAAI

NIH/NIAID (Deputy Chief and Senior Clinician, Laboratory of Allergic Diseases)

Organizational: Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education - Member, Allergy and Immunology Review Committee; Member, Milestones 2.0 Work Group; Food and Drug Administration - Member, Allergenic Products Advisory Committee


David R. Stukus, MD FAAAAI

Nationwide Children's Hospital (Associate Professor of Pediatrics)

Consultant: Aimmune Therapeutics; Before Brands

Organizational: American Academy of Pediatrics - PREP Board Review faculty member; American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology - Member, Education Council; American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology - Chair, Annual Meeting Program Planning Committee

Conflict Resolution: My role as a consultant for Aimmune and Before Brands involved two 30 minute talks at national meetings that did not include any use of industry slides or mention of specific products. This has no bearing on the topics I will be presenting at the AAAAI.


Jada Suber

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Graduate Student)


Kathleen E. Sullivan, MD PhD FAAAAI

Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia (Chief, Division of Allergy Immunology)

Research Grant: NIH - Lupus, USIDNET, PI CONNECT; Lupus Foundation of America - Lupus nephritis

Organizational: CIS - Meeting organizer; Immune Deficiency Foundation - Board member


Sanjiv Sur, MD

Baylor College of Medicine (Professor and Director Allergy and Immunology, IAR Section, Department of Medicine)

Research Grant: NHLBI - RO1; DOD - Research Grant

Organizational: American Academy of Allergy and Immunology - Member; American College of Allergy and Immunology - Member


Vibha Szafron, MD

Baylor College of Medicine (Resident Physician)


Stanley J. Szefler, MD FAAAAI

University of Colorado School of Medicine (Professor of Pediatrics; Head, Pediatric Asthma Research)

Advisory Board: Glaxo Smith Kline; Boehringer-Ingelheim; Sanofi; Astra Zeneca - Immunomodulator therapy - multiple products

Organizational: AAAAI - Fellow; Deputy Editor For Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology; American Academy of Pediatrics - Fellow; American Thoracic Society - Member; Colorado Allergy and Asthma Society - Member; Society Pediatric Research - Member

Conflict Resolution: I disclose my potential conflicts at all meetings and lectures as well as publications. I focus my working relationships on research and providing advice on drug development, as well as overseeing research studies. I do not provide lectures that serve as marketing formats for specific drugs. I also disclose all

 of my financial relationships to the University of Colorado School of Medicine for ongoing review. Almost all of my payments for consulting work, except those that are one time meetings, as well as all research work goes to the University of Colorado.


Yuval Tal, MD, PhD

Hadassah University Medical Center (Director of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Unit)


Sebastien Talbot, PhD

Universite de Montreal (Assistant Professor)


Hazel Tapp, PhD

Atrium Health (Director of research)

Research Grant: PCORI - shared decision making for asthma care- investigator initiated. nothing commercial; Gilead Pharaceuticals - HIV and HepC screening


Susan M. Tarlo, MBBS FAAAAI

University Health Network, Toronto (Professor, Dept of Medicine, University of Toronto)

Organizational: American College of Chest Physicians - Cough Guideline Committee member; American Thoracic Society - Member of EOPH Assembly Nominating Committee; European Academy of Allergy Asthma and Clinical Immunology - Occupational Lung Diseases/Allergy Task Force member


Teresa K. Tarrant, MD FAAAAI

Duke University (Associate Professor of Medicine)

Organizational: Rheumatology Research Foundation - Board of Directors


Rinna Tei, MD

Mayo Clinic (visiting scientist)


Christina M. Thomas, MD

Riley Children's Hospital, Indiana University School of Medicine (Pediatric Resident)


Elisa C. Thompson, NP

Oklahoma Allergy & Asthma Clinic (Nurse Practitioner)


Teresa Thompson, CPC CMSCS CCC

T M Consulting, Inc. (Owner)


Julia Thorsen, MD

University of Wisconsin (Allergy and Immunology Fellow)


Stephen A. Tilles, MD FAAAAI

ASTHMA Inc.Clinical Research Center (non-profit) (Executive Director (ASTHMA inc.))

Consultant: FARE Medical Advisory Board; Aimmune - oral immunotherapy; DBV Technologies - Epicutaneous immunotherapy; Regeneron - asthma; Sanofi - food immuotherapy

Advisory Board: Before Brands; DOTS Technologies

Speaker: ALK; astrazeneca

Research Grant: Genentech (PI in clinical study); Astellas (PI in clinical study); DBV Technologies (PI in clinical study); Astrazeneca (PI in clinical study); Novartis (PI in clinical study); AnaptysBo (PI in clinical study); Regeneron (PI in clinical study); Sanofi (PI in clinical study); Stanford University (PI in clinical study);

Aimmune (PI in clinical study); HAL Allergy (PI in clinical study); Immune Tolerance Network (PI in clinical study); FARE Center of Excellence PI - PI stipend to oversee food allergy research

Organizational: ABAI - Board Member; ACAAI - Past President; Allergywatch - Editor In Chief; Elsevier - Consulting editor, Allergy and Immunology Clinics NA; Seattle Food AllergyConsortium - ExecutiveCommittee Member

Conflict Resolution: As Executive Director of ASTHMA Inc. I oversee the operations of a non-profit clinical research center. I am paid a salary that is not affected by the success of any particular study or studies. The amounts of salary allocated in study budgets are not paid to me and my salary is not influenced by the study budgets.


As of January, 2019 I will become an employee of Aimmune Therapeutics. This will necessitate a modification of my disclosure prior to the 2019 AAAAI meeting.


Karol G. Timmons, RN MS CPNP

Boston Children's Hospital (Pediatric Nurse Practitioner/Clinical Coordinator Immunology Programs)

Consultant: National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP)

Advisory Board: Pfizer


Mary C. Tobin, MD FAAAAI

Rush University (Division Director)

Research Grant: NIH - Food allergy disparities


Alkis Togias, MD FAAAAI

NIAID/NIH (Branch Chief, Allergy, Asthma and Airway Biology)


James M. Tracy, DO FAAAAI

Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Associates, P.C. (Allergist and Immunologist)

Organizational: Creighton University College of Medicine - Clinical Teaching Faculty; FAA - Medical Examiner; FDA - Special Governmental Employee for the PADAC; University of Nebraska College of Medicine - Volunteer Faculty


Russell Scott Traister, MD PhD

Wake Forest Baptist Health (Assistant Professor)


Daisy Tran, RN

Texas Children's Hospital (Research Nurse Supervisor)


Anubha Tripathi, MD

US FDA (Medical Officer, Clinical Review, US FDA/ CBER/ OVRR/ DVRPA)


Amanda S. Troger, BSN RN

Children's National Medical Center (Staff Nurse)


Jason A. Trubiano, MD

Austin Health (Infectious Diseases Physician & Director of Drug and Antibiotic Allergy Services)


Angela Tsuang, MD MSc

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (Assistant Professor)


Paul J. Turner, MD PhD

Imperial College London (MRC Clinician Scientist in Paediatric Allergy & Immunology)

Consultant: Consultant to UK Food Standards Agency

Advisory Board: Aimmune; DBV Technologies; Allergenis

Organizational: Allergy UK - Member of Health Advisory Board; British Society for Allergy & Clinical Immunology - Chair, Paediatric Allergy Group


Saltanat Ualiyeva


Anusha Vadlamudi, MD

Duke University (Fellow)


Peter K. Van De Water, PhD

California State University, Fresno (Associate Professor)


Laura Helena Van Gerven

University hosptal Leuven/University of Leuven (Associate Professor in Rhinology and Anterior Skull Base Surgery)


Pooja Varshney, MD

Dell Children's Medical Group, Dell Children's Medical Center, Ascension Healthcare (Physician)

Speaker: American Academy of Pediatrics

Research Grant: Food Allergy Research and Education - Medical Director, FARE Clinical Network site

Conflict Resolution: I will include content from multiple sources and site evidence-based medicine.


Carina Venter, PhD RD

University of Colorado/Children's Hospital Colorado (Assistant Professor)

Advisory Board: DBV technologies

Speaker: Danone; Mead Johnson; Nestle; Abbott

Research Grant: Thermofisher

Organizational: EAACI - Task force co-chair/secretary; WAO - DRACMA guidelines


Donata Vercelli, MD

The University of Arizona (Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine)


Mukesh Verma, PhD

National Jewish Health (Postdoctoral Fellow)


Brian P. Vickery, MD FAAAAI

Emory University (Associate Professor of Pediatrics)

Advisory Board: Aimmune Therapeutics - Scientific Advisory Board / Consultant

Speaker: Thermo Fisher

Organizational: Food Allergy Research and Education - Chief Medical Advisor, Patient Experience

Conflict Resolution: I was an employee of Aimmune Therapeutics until March 26th, 2018. I joined the faculty of Emory University on March 29th, 2018 as a full-time research-focused Associate Professor of Pediatrics. I have no ownership or other financial interest in Aimmune but advise the company as a member of the

Scientific Advisory Board. To prevent bias or an appearance of impropriety, before participating as a leader, faculty, or author for any AAAAI activity, I will fully disclose my past relationship with Aimmune verbally and in writing. My written and verbal communications will continue to be, as they always have been, based on the scientific evidence published in the literature or otherwise presented in the public domain (e.g. abstract/poster).


Berber Vlieg-Boerstra, PhD RD

OLVG, Dep. Pediatrics, Amsterdam; Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, Netherlands (Senior research dietitian)

Consultant: Marfo Food Group, Lelystad, The Netherlands

Research Grant: Nutricia Early Life Nutrition - Dietary analysis of breast fed women; Nutricia Research - Dietary analysis in adult EoE patients


Jakob Von Moltke

University of Washington (Assistant Professor)


Martin Wagenmann, MD FAAAAI

Heinrich-Heine University Duesseldorf (Head of Rhinology, Allergy, and Endoscopic skull base surgery)

Advisory Board: ALK-Abello; AstraZeneca; Meda Pharma; Novartis; Sanofi-Aventis; Stallergenes; Genzyme

Speaker: ALK-Abello; Allergopharma; Lofarma; med update; Novartis; Sanofi-Aventis; HAL Allergy

Research Grant: Allakos; AstraZeneca; F. Hoffmann-La Roche; Otonomy; Strekin; GlaxoSmithKline

Organizational: EAACI - Member; German Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology - Head of the Section Otorhinolaryngology

Conflict Resolution: I will not speak about the products from the above companies at AAAAI events, I will always verbally and literally disclose my potential conflicts of interest. I will always act in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the AAAAI.


Kirk H. Waibel, MD FAAAAI

United States Army - Brooke Army Medical Center (Allergist; Allergy/Immunology Consultant, OTSG (United States Army))


Antonia Wallrapp

Brigham and Women's Hospital (Pre-doctoral fellow)


Jolan E. Walter, MD PhD FAAAAI

University of South Florida (Division Chief, Pediatric Allergy Immunology)


Erik R. Wambre, PhD

Benaroya Research Institute (Principal Scientist)

Research Grant: Aimmune - Impact of OIT on peanut-specific T cell responses; Anaptys Bio - Role of IL-33 in human immune responses to allergen; Astellas - Impact of DNA-vaccine on peanut-specific T cell responses; Regeneron - Basophil activation test and TH2A analysis


Julie Wang, MD FAAAAI

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (Professor of Pediatrics)

Consultant: Aimmune

Advisory Board: JDP Therapeutics, Inc; DBV Technologies - food allergy diagnosis


Susan Waserman, MD MSc FAAAAI

McMaster University (Professor of Medicine Allergist Clinical Immunologist)

Advisory Board: Pfizer Canada - EpiPen

Organizational: Allergy Asthma and Immunology Society of Ontario - Past president, Executive; Asthma Canada - Board Member; Canadian Allergy Asthma and Immunology Foundation President - President; Canadian Society of Allergy/Clinical Immunology - Past President; Food Allergy Canada - Medical Advisor;

Anaphylaxis Committee AAAAI - Chairperson; AllerGen NCE - Investigator


Melanie A. Wayne, MSN FNP-BC

Oregon Allergy Associates (FNP)


Richard W. Weber, MD FAAAAI

National Jewish Health (Professor Emeritus of Medicine)

Organizational: ACAAI - past president; ACAAI Foundation - president


John M. Weiler, MD FAAAAI

CompleWare Corporation (President)


Andrew G. Weinstein, MD FAAAAI

Asthma Management Systems (President Income >25,000 < $100,000)

Consultant: AmeriHealthCaritas DE - Asthma

Advisory Board: TEVA


Matthew T. Weirauch, PhD

Cincinnati Children's Hospital (Associate Professor)


David Randolph Weldon, MD FAAAAI

Scott and White Healthcare (Sr. Stf. Phys.)


Ting Wen, PhD

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics)


Sally E. Wenzel, MD FAAAAI

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and University of Pittsburgh (Professor of Medicine)

Consultant: AstraZneneca; Sanofi; TEVA

Research Grant: Sanofi Aventis; AstraZeneca; GSK; Novartis


Duane R. Wesemann, MD, PhD

Brigham & Women's Hospital (Assistant Professor of Medicine (HMS) and Associate Physician (BWH))

Consultant: OpenBiome - FMT


C. Ross Westley, MD FAAAAI

Colorado Permanente Medical Group (Staff Allergist)


Chung-il Wi, MD

Mayo Clinic Rochester (Research Associate)


Paige G. Wickner, MD FAAAAI

Brigham & Women's Hospital (Assistant Professor)

Organizational: BWPO (Brigham and Women's Physician Organization) - Quality project at Brigham and Women's Hospital


Marsha A. Wills-Karp, PhD

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (Professor and Chair)


Hugh H. Windom, MD FAAAAI

self (physician)

Honorarium/Gift: DBV - Principal Investigator

Research Grant: Aimmune - Principal Investigator; Astra Zeneca - Principal Investigator; Genentech - Principal Investigator; Novartis - Principal Investigator; Sanofi - Principal Investigator; TEVA - Principal Investigator

Organizational: Florida Allergy Asthma and Immunolog Society - committee co-chair; Florida Medical Association - member; Sarasota County Medical Society - President


Marciarose Winston, MSN CPNP AE-C

The Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia (certified pediatric nurse practitioner/certified asthma educator)

Organizational: Association of Asthma Educators-AAE - review course faculty/speaker


Robert A. Wood, MD FAAAAI

Johns Hopkins University School Medicine (Professor of Pediatrics)

Honorarium/Gift: AAAAI - AAAAI President Stipend

Research Grant: Aimmune - Research Support; Astellas - Research Support; DBV Technologies - Research Support; HAL-Allergy - Research Support; NIH - Research Support; Regeneron - Research Support; Sanofi - Research Support


Rosalind J. Wright, MD MPH

Harvard Medical School (Assistant Professor of Medicine); Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (Professor)


Elizabeth A. Yakaboski, MD

New York Presbyterian Hospital (Resident)


Song-I I. Yang, MD

Hallym university hospital (assistant professor)


Mohamed S. Yassin, MD FAAAAI

Allergy, Asthma & Pulmonary Associates, PA (Owner/CEO)


Jennifer J. Yland

Department of Epidemiology, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (Research Assistant)


Takeshi Yoshida, PhD

University of Rochester Medical Center (Staff Scientist)


M. Elizabeth M. Younger, CRNP PhD

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (Assistant Professor, Pediatrics)

Organizational: Immune Deficiency Foundation - Nurse Advisory Committee


Shida Yousefi, PhD


Qian Yuan, MD PhD

Massachusetts General Hospital (Clinical Director of MGH Food Allergy Center)


Joseph S. Yusin, MD FAAAAI

VA Greater Los Angeles Health Care System (Chief: Division Allergy/Immunology)


Saira Q. Zafar, MD

Westchester Medical Center/NYMC (Resident Physician)


Livia S. Zaramela, PhD

University of California San Diego (Postdoc)


Justin M. Zaslavsky

Northwestern University


Joanna Zeiger, MS PhD NASM-CES

Race Ready Coaching (Director)


Robert S. Zeiger, MD PhD FAAAAI

Kaiser Permanente Southern California (Physician Investigator)

Stocks: DBV Technologies - Food allergy

Consultant: Up to Date; GSK; Novartis; AstraZeneca - Asthma; DBV Technologies - Food allergy; Sanofi/Regeneron - Asthma/atopci dermatitis

Research Grant: Astra Zeneca - Asthma/Biologics; MERCK - Asthma: research; NHLBI - Asthma: research; Aerocrine - Asthma: research; Genentech - Asthma: research; GSK - Asthma: research; ALK - Allergic rhinitis, asthma


Rongying Zhen