Follow the steps below to incorporate ARS questions into your presentation.

  • Complete and submit this online form. All ARS questions must be submitted through this form by Friday, FEBRUARY 3, 2023. No exceptions will be made.
  • Upload your presentation through your Faculty Corner (the link to your personalized Faculty Corner was sent to you by email from Your presentation must also be uploaded to your Faculty Corner by Friday, February 3, 2023. If your presentation needs edits after submitting, you will able to review and edit on-site in the speaker resource room.
  • Review this submission page and the PDF icon ARS Overview for more information.
  • Contact if you still have questions about ARS or need assistance completing this form.

Question Types

Polls can allow each person to respond with all answers that apply, or select just one. Polls do not necessarily have a correct answer, meaning they can be used to ask the audience for their opinion or experience. For example, you might ask: "In your practice, what is the most common allergic reaction you see?" If your poll doesn't have a correct answer, be sure to leave the Correct Answer checkboxes below unchecked.

Multiple Choice
Questions should allow for the selection of only one response and have a correct answer. Questions based on brief case vignettes can be particularly helpful for participants.

ARS Tips

  • Leave at least 2-3 minutes per question within your scheduled talk duration.
  • Questions and answer options will be listed exactly as they are submitted. Make sure to write them out fully and proofread!
  • Include a placeholder slide for each question within your presentation. This should go exactly where you want to read the question.

If you would like to submit more than three questions for a single session you may complete this form multiple times. If you don't have three questions, just complete the questions you do have and leave blank any extra question submission pages. The form can be submitted after question three.