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All content produced on behalf of the Adverse Reactions to Foods Committee must be reviewed by committee leadership or their designee prior to its submission for formal review by AAAAI. This includes all workgroup reports, live or online activities, videos, surveys, position statements, web articles, and other similar content. This newly developed review process is intended to ensure that all committee leadership and staff are aware of the committee's workgroups and output, and that all committee content maintains a high standard of excellence.

Workgroup Development: Complete the form below to notify the committee leadership of your intent to start a new workgroup. All workgroups are intended to be temporary and focused on one or more attainable goals. The ARFC leadership will review your workgroup proposal and respond within two weeks. Prior to submitting a proposal, please ensure that there is no similar or identical group within the ARFC currently addressing your intended subject matter.

Content Proposal: Please complete the form below to notify the committee leadership of your intent to begin a project. The ARFC leadership will review your proposal prior to the development of the project, and will respond to your submission within two weeks.

Content Review: Upon completion of your work, please complete this form to obtain final committee approval. Upload the document below or provide a hyperlink to the work. The ARFC leadership will review your final content and will communicate with the authors prior to approving the content. Please note that this process must be completed prior and in addition to the formal submission of content through standard AAAAI channels including PDT, OME, CME, etc.