AAAAI is partnering with Gather-ED to provide an educational activity on Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria. Gather-ED has successfully developed and released many small-group curricula that promote social learning and yield fantastic attendance and impressive outcomes. 

On behalf of AAAAI and Gather-Ed, we would like to offer an opportunity to serve as a Group Faculty Leader in our new CME/CE Series: Cultivating A Stronger Understanding of Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria: Key Diagnostic and Treatment Developments for Specialists; Harnessing the Power of Social Learning to Improve Patient Outcomes, with a target honorarium of $4,000.

This social learning CME/CE session is a brief, multi-activity experience for the learner, consisting of enduring (asynchronous), live web discussions (synchronous), and collaborative components. 

The course content has been developed for you and includes the following activities (totaling 4.75 credit hours):

  • 3 on-demand self-study modules (0.75 credit hours total)
  • 3 group challenges (1.5 credit hour total)
  • 2 live 30-minute virtual meetings (1.5 credit hours total)
  • Baseline/ Final Assessments (1.0 credit hours total)

As a group leader, you are encouraged to invite up to 15 participants to your private web-based group to foster collaboration and calibration around this important topic. Invitees may include anyone in your professional network who will benefit from this experience, including Physicians, Physician Assistants, Fellows, Medical Students, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists, etc.

As a group leader, the role includes: 
- Participating in a 15-minute introductory call to discuss the program
- Inviting your group members (up to 15; see below for additional information on how honoraria is set based on number of participants you recruit).
- Encouraging group members to engage with curriculum components
- Facilitating two 30-minute live web meetings with group members (via Zoom)

Time Commitment
The estimated time commitment for these activities over a six-week time frame is approximately 4- 6 hours.

The target size for each group in this curriculum is 15 members. Honoraria for Group Leaders is directly proportional to the size of the group. If you enroll 15 people, the honorarium is $4,000 or $266 per group member. You may also opt to lead groups smaller and larger than the target number of 15 group members, but to maintain our overall budget for the curriculum, your honorarium will be adjusted accordingly based on the per-participant rate.

Next Steps
There is limited opportunity. Please complete this short form to let us know of your interest. All inquiries will be responded to. If you have further questions, please contact with the email subject line: CSU Faculty

Note: this activity is supported by an independent educational grant from Novartis.