How often are you faced with a patient care question that requires research? How often do you turn to peer-reviewed publications to find the answers to these questions? Would you like to earn credit for the searches you’re completing?  You may search for answers to your clinical questions in any applicable peer-reviewed journal and fulfill your MOC Part IV requirement! See below for details.

To receive MOC Part IV credit, the following must be completed after the first of the current calendar year or later*:

  • A minimum of 5 challenges or questions (identify, research and document) must be completed within a rolling calendar year (example: 01/01/2020 through 01/01/2021).
  • All searches must be completed within your current 5 year MOC cycle to be considered. AAAAI will report completions to ABAI on an annual basis.

*Searches prior to the beginning of the current calendar year cannot be counted toward the 5 completion minimum

This activity is designed solely to enable A/I specialists to satisfy their MOC Part IV requirement and does not carry any CME.