Implicit biases are the societal attitudes or stereotypes unconsciously affecting our individual, understanding, actions, evaluations, and decisions. The recognition and addressing the role of implicit bias is critically important in healthcare, as these unconscious biases can impact clinical decision-making, medical research, workforce diversity and the interactions amongst colleagues and staff. As allergist-immunologists who are committed to providing high-quality, equitable, evidenced-based care, we must be cognizant of the role of implicit bias and how it can contribute to disparities of our historically marginalized patients and negatively impact workplace relations. In this series, we aim to deepen the participant’s understanding of implicit bias, discuss emerging areas of research in implicit bias, the ways in which implicit bias can manifest within medicine, and solutions to reducing implicit bias on individual and on institutional/contextual levels.


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The Role of Implicit Bias in Workforce Diversity in Medicine and Research


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January 2022

The Impact of Implicit Bias on Health Outcomes and Strategies to Reducing Bias





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