This Performance Improvement Module will lead you through a three-stage quality improvement process. The steps include:

  1. Baseline Assessment: Enter data from a minimum of 10 charts for patients with food allergy and compare your performance to the standards of care defined by the food allergy measures. Based on your baseline assessment, you will then identify areas for improved compliance with at least one measure, and select and implement interventions to help you achieve improvement. These interventions can include a variety of actions, such as completing additional education, changing the process of providing care in your practice, or using new patient communication tools.
  2. Action: During the Action Phase you will take 90 days to implement the interventions you identified, either on your own or in collaboration with your clinic staff.
  3. Reassessment: After completing the Action Phase, enter data from another set of 10 or more charts for patients with food allergy. Compare your reassessment and baseline assessment results to identify what, if any changes, you have achieved and the impact of those changes on your practice and your patients.

To successfully complete the module – and both earn continuing education credit and complete the Part IV MOC requirement – you must finish all three stages. The performance improvement process takes time; please allow at least 120 days to complete the entire module.

The module can be accessed at any time and from any computer. To ensure compatibility, we recommend using one of the two most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox when working on the module.

PIM - Food Allergies