Design:  As part of a hospital-wide Inpatient Beta-lactam Allergy Program, our hospital has recently implemented an evidence-based Inpatient Beta-lactam Allergy Guideline. Allergy/Immunology has collaborated with the ID consult service to trigger beta-lactam allergy evaluation and removal per the Inpatient Beta-lactam Allergy Guideline for all inpatients with documented beta-lactam allergy on the ID consult service.

Main Findings:  Collaboration with Infectious Disease is an effective strategy to increase beta-lactam allergy evaluation among patients with documented beta-lactam allergy.

Impact on Practice:  This has led to increased use of beta-lactam antibiotics, increased frequency of inpatient and outpatient allergy consultation, and de-labeling.


Submitted by Iris Otani from UCSF Medical Center