Design:  AA&I team at Rush developed a screening tool to determine safety of Cefazolin administration peri-operatively to patients with reported beta lactam allergy. Goals of retrospective chart review: determine if involvement of A&I is associated with higher rate of Cefazolin use, lower rate of SSIs, and unchanged adverse drug reaction rate.

Main Findings:  This project is still ongoing. However, preliminary results show that 28% of patients answered "no" to both questions from the screening tool and were deemed safe to receive Cefazolin. Data regarding Allergy and Immunology Clinic visits is still being collected and is unavailable.

Impact on Practice:  We are seeing more patients with history of β-Lactam Allergy in the A&I Clinic. Many of these patients undergo Penicillin skin testing and, if negative, Amoxicillin Oral Challenge prior to removal of β-Lactam Allergy from their chart. This practice helps to promote antimicrobial stewardship and helps patients receive appropriate antibiotics.


Submitted by Ulyana Trytko from Rush University Medical Center