Design:  Given the low cross-reactivity of cefazolin allergy with penicillin allergy, an algorithm was created by Allergy/Immunology to be used by ENT physicians in the pre-operative area. They will evaluate based on the history whether cefazolin can be safely given peri-operatively, as opposed to broad spectrum antibiotics (such clindamycin or gentamicin).

Main Findings:  The analysis is ongoing at this time. We expect significant decrease in clindamycin and gentamicin use, decreased surgical site infections, as well as a decrease in adverse events such as Clostridium Difficile infections.

Impact on Practice: We are expecting decreased use of these broad spectrum antibiotics across our health system with these initiatives in place. We hope to have more use of B-Lactam antibiotics, and less use of clindamycin, gentamicin, and other choices that have undesirable side effects.


Submitted by Hassan Ahmad from Rush University Medical Center