Research Prinicples Courses

Activity Title Credit Cost
The Nuts and Bolts of Grant Writing
    • 1.50 Attendance credits
    • 1.50 CME credits

2023 AAAAI Annual Meeting - Virtual Content Available

The 2023 AAAAI Annual Meeting is available for virtual participation through December 31, 2023. Visit the Annual Meeting website to register and access the virtual content.
Sessions on Research Principles include:

1203    From Bed to Benchside: Leveraging Molecular and Epidemiological Research to Understand Disease Mechanisms
1204    Meeting of the Omics: The Future of Discovery and Clinical Care in Allergy
1208    Quality Improvement, Adherence and Outcomes Projects from Start to Finish
1803    Educational and Quality Improvement Initiatives That Empower Generalists to Provide High-Value Care
5306    Advice from the Editors: Tips for Getting Your Work Published
5307    Expert's Journal Club: Impactful Papers in Allergy/Immunology (A/I)
5801    Allied Health: Clinical Research: IRBs, GCP, CROs and EDCs: Making Sense of the Regulatory Alphabet Soup

Research Resources for Healthcare Providers

Collaborate with Research Professionals

Interested in collaborating with fellow AAAAI members who share a particular interest in Education about Immune Mechanisms? The Mechanisms of Asthma and Allergic Inflammation (MAAI) Interest Section is the community for AAAAI members interested in focusing and networking on the cellular, molecular, genetic and biological processes that are involved in the pathogenesis of allergy, inflammation and asthma.

To learn more about the work of this interest section, contact one of the leaders below:

Chair:  Angela Haczku, MD PhD FAAAAI                   

Vice Chair:  Magdalena M. Gorska, MD PhD FAAAAI         

Secretary:  Taylor Doherty, MD FAAAAI        

Staff Liaison: Laura Bzdawka-Plizka          

Interested in aligning with MAAI?

Becoming part of the MAAI community network is as simple as linking to your AAAAI personal member profiles and updating your profile to reflect your primary membership as MAAI under the tab labeled Involvement.

Or, consider the work of the Cells and Mediators of Allergic Inflammation Committee. Its purpose is to support training, teaching and research in the mechanisms of asthma, allergy and immunologic disorders and to foster the development of academic fellows and junior faculty.  NOTE: Interest Section Committees are open to all members of the AAAAI.

Research Resources for Patients

AAAAI’s Tools for the Public offers a variety of resources for patients, including videos, interactive quizzes, and downloadable handouts to learn more about allergic and immunologic conditions. These include Research Summaries of articles recently published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (JACI) and JACI: In Practice

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