AIM Virtual Patient - Insect Sting Anaphylaxis (2015)

An 11 year old boy is brought to the emergency department because of concerns about a severe reaction to an insect sting. Later, a 28 year old man with a history of insect sting allergy is referred for consultation. How would you treat these patients?

The AIM Virtual Patient series presents a series of simulated encounters with patients who have experienced, or are at risk of experiencing, an anaphylactic reaction. Challenge your ability to effectively diagnose and manage anaphylaxis in accordance with the best evidence on the subject by completing these cases, all found within the Anaphylaxis Education Learning Group.

Programmed by the AAAAI. Funded through an educational grant from sanofi-aventis U.S.

System Requirements: Two most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox

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