Claim Credit Now!  Credit Claiming for the 2024 AAAAI Annual Meeting is now open!!  

NEW Credit Claiming Process for the AAAAI Annual Meeting
This year we are asking attendees to complete individual Session Evaluations, as well as the Overall Meeting Survey in order to claim credit. 
Below are instructions to help you navigate this process.

PDF icon AAAAI Annual Meeting 2024 - Disclosure Handout.pdf

About Credit Claiming

Credit Claiming Period CME, CE and attendance certificates can be claimed online via the Annual Meeting website and in the mobile app.
Credit claiming will be available through December 31, 2024.

ABAI Reporting Credits claimed for the AAAAI 2024 Annual Meeting will be reported to the ABAI on January 15, 2025, after the credit claiming period ends. If you would like your credits submitted to the ABAI sooner, you can self-report them by submitting your certificate and transcript on the ABAI portal.

If you have any difficulty downloading your certificate or transcript, please contact the AAAAI Education team at cme@aaaai.org.

Continuing Education Information

CME/CE Credit Claiming Instructions

ACPE Credit Claiming

PDF icon Download ACPE Credit Claiming Instructions


How to Get Your Certificate

  1. Go to aaaai.cmecertificateonline.com
  2. Click on the 2024 Annual Meeting link.
  3. Evaluate the meeting.
  4. Print, download, or save your certificate for your records.

If you lose your certificate, or need help, go to help.cmecertificateonline.co