penicillin allergy braceletThe AAAAI Penicillin Allergy Toolbox includes resources for healthcare providers who treat patients with penicillin allergy, as well as patients with a penicillin allergy. Review the documents and links below to learn more.





Resources for Healthcare Providers

AAAAI Penicillin Allergy Brochure 2018.pdf
Print and share this brochure with your patients to explain what a penicillin allergy is and how testing is administered.

Penicillin Allergy References 092019.pdf
This bibliography includes the latest evidence on the mechanisms, diagnosis, and treatment of penicillin allergy.

Visit the AAAAI's Drug Allergy information page for information on a range of drug allergies, including penicillin. 

Review Drug Allergy: An Updated Practice Parameter (2010) for the latest evidence-based recommendations on diagnosing and treating penicillin and other drug allergies.

Evaluation and Diagnosis of Penicillin Allergy for Healthcare Professionals (CDC)

Comparing Direct Challenge to Penicillin Skin Testing for the Outpatient Evaluation of Penicillin Allergy: A Randomized Controlled Trial - Review the AAAAI's Virtual Journal Club from September 2018 to hear a review of this article by Mustafa et al, published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice.

Resources for Patients

Learn More About Penicillin Allergy

Obtenga más información sobre alergia a la penicilina y evaluaciones

Penicillin Allergy - What Do You Need to Know?

Penicillin Allergy FAQ

What is a drug allergy?