MOC Activities for Allergy/Immunology

Use these activities to improve quality of care and satisfy certification requirements.

Maintenance of Certification Activities

Featured Activities

Activity Title Credit Type Event date Cost
Applying Choosing Wisely® Recommendations with Chronic Urticaria Patients
    • 0.50 Attendance credits
    • 0.50 CME credits
Enduring $0.00
Applying Choosing Wisely® Recommendations with Seafood Allergic Patients who Require Radiocontrast Procedures
    • 0.50 Attendance credits
    • 0.50 CME credits
Enduring $0.00
Applying Choosing Wisely® Recommendations when Patients Request Food Allergy Tests
    • 1.00 Attendance credit
    • 1.00 CME credit
Enduring $0.00
2021 SAMPRO™: Improving Asthma Management in Schools - A Practice Improvement Module
    • 20.00 Attendance credits
    • 20.00 CME credits
Enduring $0.00
A New Horizon of Atopic Dermatitis Therapy
    • 2.50 Attendance credits
    • 2.50 CE credits
    • 2.50 CME credits
Enduring $0.00
Providing Enhanced Medical Support for Patients with Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders (PIDD): A Patient-Guided Intervention to Ensure Patient...
    • 2.00 Attendance credits
    • 2.00 CE credits
    • 2.00 CME credits
Enduring $0.00
AAAAI Internet Point-of-Care Learning 2024
    • 10.00 Attendance credits
    • 10.00 CME credits
Enduring $0.00


ABAI Patient Safety Foundations Module: ABAI diplomates participating in MOC can use this module to satisfy the patient safety module requirement. Visit the ABAI website for more details on MOC requirements.

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology and Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice MOC Article Series: CME articles that include "MOC" in the title will qualify; readers must read the article and complete both the post-test and a follow-up assessment 2-3 months later to satisfy the MOC requirement.


NEW AAAAI MOC Activities

2022 Allergy/Immunology Self-Assessment: In this self-assessment activity, you will answer a series of short tests covering the clinical domains of allergy/immunology.  Once you click "Begin" you will have 48 hours to complete the 12 quizzes (please read the instructions page for more details).  Based on your results you will develop a personal learning plan to address areas in which you could improve your knowledge an competence.

2022 AAAAI Professionalism in Medical Practice Self-Assessment Module: This module – based on an activity developed by the American College of Cardiology - provides an opportunity for you to self-assess professionalism behaviors in your practice by answering a series of knowledge and case study questions. By answering all questions and reflecting on their performance, physicians can earn 5.00 AMA PRA Category 1 CME CreditsTM and 5 self-assessment credits toward the self-assessment requirement of the ABAI’s MOC program.

MOC Part IV: Improvement in Medical Practice

A New Horizon of Atopic Dermatitis Therapy: This course series, developed by an interdisciplinary team of allergist/immunologists, dermatologists, advanced practice providers, and patients, focuses on the latest treatment options available for patients with atopic dermatitis. Improve the quality of care provided to these patients by increasing your working knowledge of biologics and JAK inhibitors and the many quality of life considerations that impact patients and that can impact their outcomes. This activity satisfies the quality improvement requirements of the ABAI's MOC Part IV activity, and counts as a practice improvement and self-assessment activity for the ABD.

Providing Enhanced Medical Support for Patients with Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders (PIDD)The course consists of four brief online modules that cover best practices for communicating with patients and links to patient and practitioner resources. It includes a pre-test, to measure your baseline knowledge; modules on recognizing the symptoms of PIDD and effective strategies for providing care to PIDD patients using telemedicine; and two patient case simulations, where you can practice your diagnostic and treatment skills. Return 30 days later to complete a post-course assessment to complete the quality improvement activity for MOC Part IV from the ABAI. 

AAAAI Internet Point-of-Care Learning 2024: The ABAI will count completion of 5 point-of-care searches in a 12 month period to satisfy the quality improvement requirement of MOC Part IV.

AAAAI Registry: AAAAI members who participate in the Academy's Quality Clinical Data Registry can satisfy the quality improvement requirement of MOC Part IV by entering their practice data into the registry and completing an analysis of their performance.