Applying Choosing Wisely® Recommendations MOC

This MOC opportunity will be unlocked upon completion of the third Applying Choosing Wisely® course. To begin, you must register for this course and click to Start the 30-Day Countdown.

The American Board of Allergy and Immunology (ABAI) has approved this activity for 2.00 MOC Part IV Quality Improvement credits. These credits will be awarded upon completion of the three Applying Choosing Wisely® courses and the 30-day self-assessment. 

The 30-day waiting period allows time to apply the recommendations featured in the courses. The waiting period will not be started until you complete the first portion of this course. 

In order to earn 2.00 MOC Part IV credits, the physician must:
1. Complete all three courses in the series
2. Register for the MOC course
3. Start the 30-day countdown within the MOC course
4. After 30 days, return to the MOC course and complete the self-assessment
AAAAI will report MOC credit to the ABAI quarterly.

Course opens: 
Course expires: 


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Click 'Begin' to record your intent to complete the MOC activity. The 30-day countdown will start as soon as you complete the next step. Please click 'Begin' and follow all instructions on the next page.

If you are returning after the 30-day wait, please click 'Continue' to access the next stage of the course.

Required Hardware/software

One of the two latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.

Internet Explorer is no longer supported.