Welcome to the Allied Health virtual journal club. For each journal club, a high yield article will be selected and various questions about the article will be presented.  After reading the article, please post answers to one or more of the questions OR post your own questions or discussion points for others to reply. The purpose is to create a discussion forum for our Allied Health Community. A link to the article will be provided, but let us know if you have any difficulties obtaining the article.


Maurer M, Fluhr JW, Khan DA. How to Approach Chronic Inducible Urticaria.  J Allergy Clin Immunol Pract. 2018 Jul - Aug;6(4):1119-1130. https://www.jaci-inpractice.org/article/S2213-2198(18)30265-4/abstract


  1. Participants will compare and contrast features of chronic spontaneous urticaria AND chronic inducible urticaria
  2. Participants will list different forms of chronic inducible urticaria
  3. Participants will describe treatment options for different forms of chronic inducible urticaria

Questions to be discussed:

  1. What subtypes of urticaria fall under the term “inducible urticaria?"
  2. What is the estimated prevalence of chronic inducible urticaria?
  3. Is it more common in males or females?
  4. What are some characteristics in regards to its natural history compared to CSU?
  5. What subtypes of inducible urticaria have a higher risk for systemic involvement?
  6. Very briefly discuss the “autoallergy” theory of pathogenesis.
  7. Summarize features, evaluation and treatment of dermatographism.
  8. Summarize features, evaluation and treatment of cold urticaria.
  9. What causes primary and secondary acquired forms of ColdU?
  10. Which forms of cold urticaria have negative cold provocation testing?
  11. What other symptoms are seen in those with ColdU in the setting of autoinflammatory disease?
  12. Summarize features, evaluation and treatment of cholinergic urticaria.
  13. What characteristics help distinguish cholinergic urticaria from exercise-induced anaphylaxis and food-dependent exercise induced anaphylaxis?
  14. Summarize features, evaluation and treatment of delayed pressure urticaria.