Welcome to the Asthma Education Interest Group!

This page summarizes Continuing Medical Education (CME) learning opportunities for Asthma Education. Peruse the page for a new EPR-3 Guidelines course called Guidelines for Mangement of Asthma, recorded sessions about asthma from the 2016 AAAAI Annual meeting (both CME and non-CME), and many more resources, including opportunities to connect with AAAAI members interested in Asthma. 

Life Spectrum of Asthma: Online AVAILABLE NOW!

Improve your competence and performance in the diagnosis and treatment of asthma with The Life Spectrum of Asthma: Online. 

  • Earn 2.00-8.00 CME Credits. 
  • Enrollment discounts available for FITs and Allied Health members. 

Learn more here: https://education.aaaai.org/lsoa_online

Online Courses

Title Credit Type Event date Cost
The Life Spectrum of Asthma: Online Enduring $250.00
Guidelines for Management of Asthma
  • 1.50 Attendance credits
  • 1.50 CME credits
Enduring $0.00

2016 Virtual Annual Meeting Recordings: Asthma

You can view several sessions about asthma that were presented at the 2016 AAAAI Annual Meeting. You have the option of purchasing all recordings from the meeting or selecting those of interest to you. Some sessions offer CME credit, but others do not.

Purchase the full meeting or individual sessions and begin earning continuing education credit here: https://education.aaaai.org/2016VAM
The following sessions are available for continuing education credit: 

1001: Allergen Immunotherapy, Today and Tomorrow: Session I. Inhalant Allergens for Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma
1506: The Safety of Asthma and Allergy Medications During Pregnancy: New Horizons
1801: What Can Implementation Research Teach Us About the Management of Asthma?
2701: The Past, Present and Future of Asthma
2804: Adherence Challenges in Asthma: Pediatrics, Adolescents and Older Adults
2809: Novel Biologicals for Asthma and Allergic Rhinosinusitis
2815: When Writing a Script Just Isn't Enough: Strategies to Overcome Barriers Associated with Poor Asthma Control in Older Adults
3305: Severe Asthma in Children: From Mechanisms to Disease Modification
4301: Novel Endotypes of Asthma: Lessons from the AADCRC
4305: Immunologic Insights into Environmental Triggers of Asthma

Watch sessions for free and without credit here: https://education.aaaai.org/2016-non-cme-recordings 
The following sessions do not offer continuing education credit:

1503: ILC2: Gateway to Th2 Inflammation
1601: The Origins of Childhood Asthma
1804: B-Regulatory Cells: No Longer Playing Second Fiddle to T Regs
2302: Lessons from Performing Guideline-Drive, Evidence-Based Asthma Interventions in the Real World: Who Benefits?
2551: Rhinovirus is More Important Than RSV in the Origin of Asthma
3701: ADT: Asthma Endotypes:  What are the Therapeutic Implications?
3703: EORD: Importance of School Environments for Children with Asthma
4304: Phospholipases A2 and Lipid Mediators in the Pathogenesis of Asthma


Additional Resources

Use the links below to view various asthma resources on the AAAAI website.

Asthma Resources including an asthma overview, explanation of symptoms and diagnosis, treatment and management, an action plan, information for children, and more.
The Office of School-Based Management of Asthma (SAMPRO™): A Comprehensive Asthma Educational Resource
Practice Parameters about Asthma
Quality Clinical Data Registry
Referral Guidelines for Asthma

Collaborate with Asthma Professionals

Interested in collaborating with fellow AAAAI members who share a particular interest in Asthma Education? The Asthma Diagnosis and Treat (ADT) Interest Section is the community for AAAAI members interested in advancing the knowledge and understanding of asthma diagnosis and treatment. Topics covered include: allergen specific and non-specific bronchoprovocation, allergic and immunologic assessment and imaging studies, allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, exercise-induced bronchoconstriction and exercise testing, inhalation delivery devices, pharmacologic and immunologic therapy.

To learn more about the work of this interest section, contact one of the leaders below:

Chair                        Mark F. Sands, MD, FCCP, FAAAAI (Buffalo, NY)

Vice Chair               Leonard B. Bacharier, MD FAAAAI (St. Louis, MO)

Secretary                 Caroline C. Horner, MD FAAAAI (St. Louis, MO)

Staff Liaison            Renee Vandlik

Interested in aligning with ADT?

Becoming part of the ADT community network is as simple as linking to your AAAAI personal member profiles and updating your profile to reflect your primary membership as ADT under the tab labeled Involvement.

Or, consider the work of the Asthma, Cough, Diagnosis and Treatment Committee. Its purpose is to promote education concerning the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of asthma and cough. NOTE: Interest Section Committees are open to all members of the AAAAI. If you are interested in seeing the minutes from the last committee meeting, please contact the staff liaison listed below.

Staff LiaisonRenee T. Vandlik