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AAAAI Podcast Episode 56: Penicillin Allergy: Often Suspected, Rarely Confirmed
Drug allergy expert David A. Khan, MD, FAAAAI, discusses how our understanding and evaluation of penicillin allergy has rapidly evolved in recent years.

Episode 5: Penicillin Allergy Through Oral Challenges
Elina Jerschow, MD, FAAAAI, joins the podcast to discuss her latest research study, which demonstrated that 97% of patients with a history of reported mild reactions to penicillin could safely receive penicillin again.

Episode 4: Penicillin Allergies: Over-diagnosed and Under-addressed
Listen to expert Kimberly G. Blumenthal, MD, MSc, FAAAAI, discuss the complicated reasons why penicillin allergies are over-reported and the many ways in which this can be addressed.

AAAAI Drug Allergy: An Updated Practice Parameter (2010)
The latest evidence-based recommendations on diagnosing and treating penicillin and other drug allergies.

Core IM Podcast Episode: 5 Pearls on Penicillin Allergy
Dr. Ann Marie Kumfer, Dr. Kim Blumenthal, Dr. Neda Frayha, Dr. Shreya P. Trivedi and Dr. Dan Taupin. June 2, 2021

Penicillin Allergy Testing Is Cost-Saving: An Economic Evaluation Study
Sousa-Pinto B, Blumenthal KG, Macy E, et al. Clinical Infectious Diseases. March 15, 2021

Penicillin Allergy Assessment in Pregnancy: Safety and Impact on Antibiotic Use
Wolfson AR, Mancini CM, Banerji A, et al. JACI: In Practice. March 2021

Direct Challenges to Penicillin-Based Antibiotics in the Inpatient Setting
Ramsey A, Mustafa SS, Holly AM, Staicu ML. JACI: In Practice. July-August 2020

Development and Validation of a Penicillin Allergy Clinical Decision Rule
Trubiano JA, Vogrin S, Chua KYL, et al. JAMA Internal Medicine. May 1, 2020

A Streamlined Approach to Optimize Perioperative Antibiotic Prophylaxis in the Setting of Penicillin Allergy Labels
Kuruvilla M, Sexton M, Wiley Z, et al. JACI: In Practice. April 2020

Electronic Consultations in Allergy/Immunology
Phadke NA, Wolfson AR, Mancini C, et al. JACI: In Practice. November-December 2019

Comparing Direct Challenge to Penicillin Skin Testing for the Outpatient Evaluation of Penicillin Allergy: A Randomized Controlled Trial 
Mustafa SS, Conn K, Ramsey A. JACI: In Practice. September-October 2019

Penicillin Allergy Evaluation: A Prospective, Multicenter, Open-Label Evaluation of a Comprehensive Penicillin Skin Test Kit 
Solensky R, Jacobs J, Lester M, et al. JACI: In Practice. July-August 2019

Evaluation and Management of Penicillin Allergy: A Review
Shenoy ES, Macy E, Rowe T, Blumenthal KG. JAMA. January 15, 2019

Antibiotic Allergy
Blumenthal K, Peter J, Trubiano J, Phillips E. Lancet. January 12, 2019

Controversies in Drug Allergy: Drug Allergy Pathways
Chiriac AM, Banerji A, Gruchalla RS, et al. JACI: In Practice. January 1, 2019

Risk of Meticillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus and Clostridium Difficile in Patients with a Documented Penicillin Allergy: Population Based Matched Cohort Study
Blumenthal KG, Lu N, Zhang Y, Li Y, Walensky RP, Choi HK. BMJ. June 2018

The Impact of a Reported Penicillin Allergy on Surgical Site Infection Risk 
Blumenthal KG, Ryan EE, Li Y, et al. Clinical Infectious Diseases. February 2018

Addressing Inpatient Beta-Lactam Allergies: A Multihospital Implementation
Blumenthal KG, Shenoy ES, Wolfson AR, et al. JACI: In Practice. 2017

A Proactive Approach to Penicillin Allergy Testing in Hospitalized Patients
Chen JR, Tarver SA, Alvarez KS, et al. JACI: In Practice. 2017

Assessing the Diagnostic Properties of Graded Oral Provocation Challenge for the Diagnosis of Immediate and Nonimmediate Reactions to Amoxicillin in Children
Mill C, Primeau MN, Medoff E, et al. JAMA Pediatrics. 2016

Don’t Overuse Antibiotics in Patients with a History of Penicillin Allergy, without an Appropriate Evaluation. Choosing Wisely, An Initiative of the ABIM Foundation. 2014.

Health Care Use and Serious Infection Prevalence Associated with Penicillin “Allergy” in Hospitalized Patients. A Cohort Study.
Macy, E & Contreras, R. JACI. 2013.

Evaluation and Diagnosis of Penicillin Allergy for Healthcare Professionals (CDC)

PDF icon AAAAI-Compiled Penicillin Allergy References May 2021.pdf
This bibliography includes the latest evidence on the mechanisms, diagnosis, and treatment of penicillin allergy.

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Penicillin Allergy - What Do You Need to Know?

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Penicillin Allergy Testing Should Be Performed Routinely in Patients with Self-Reported Penicillin Allergy

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