MOC Activities for Allergy/Immunology

Use these activities to improve quality of care and satisfy certification requirements.

Maintenance of Certification Activities
Applying Choosing Wisely® Recommendations

This online course series includes virtual patients and complementary resources. Completion of the full series has been approved by ABAI to satisfy the Part IV quality improvement requirement.

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AAAAI MOC Activities

The AAAAI offers a variety of continuing education activities that are accepted by various certifying boards for Parts II and IV of Maintenance of Certification. All of the activities listed below are approved for MOC for physicians, and some are approved for physician assistants. The start page of each activity will identify which certifying body accepts it for its Maintenance of Certification program.

MOC Part II: Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment
2019 Allergy/Immunology Self-Assessment: this activity includes a set of 13 timed quizzes covering a variety of allergy/immunology topics; learners complete the assessment and report completion of a follow-up learning plan to satisfy the MOC requirement

Select sessions from the 2018 Virtual Joint Congress were approved by the ABAI for MOC Part 2 credit in addition to the usual CME credit. Visit these pages for more information:

2018 Virtual Joint Congress Recordings

2019 AAAAI Professionalism in Medical Practice Self-Assessment Module: This module – based on an activity developed by the American College of Cardiology - provides an opportunity for you to self-assess professionalism behaviors in your practice by answering a series of knowledge and case study questions.

ABAI Patient Safety Foundations Module: ABAI diplomates participating in MOC can use this module to satisfy the patient safety module requirement. Visit the ABAI website for more details on MOC requirements.

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology and Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice MOC Article Series: CME articles that include "MOC" in the title will qualify; readers must read the article and complete both the post-test and a follow-up assessment 2-3 months later to satisfy the MOC requirement

MOC Part IV: Improvement in Medical Practice

Primary Immunodeficiency - Performance Improvement Program: Assess your practice against the recommendations of the 2015 Practice Parameter and implement an improvement plan based on your data.

AAAAI Registry for Performance Improvement 2019: Users of the AAAAI Qualified Clinical Data Registry can use their registry data as the basis of a performance improvement activity as well. The 2019 QCDR and performance improvement module are now available.

Asthma IQ: Two new Asthma IQ modules help you to improve your compliance with the EPR-3 Guidelines:

     Asthma IQ: Patient Assessment

     Asthma IQ: Patient Management and Outcomes