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On this page you'll find links to a variety of educational resources useful to faculty across many types of activities. Feel free to visit the sites listed and download documents outlining various tips and techniques for medical educators on all levels.

New!  The AAAAI's Office of Medical Education has produced a presentation introducing a variety of adult education theories and interactive teaching strategies. View the presentation to learn more about incorporating these strategies into your teaching.

AAAAI Clinical Rotation Curriculum

Launched in 2013 and updated in 2018, the AAAAI’s A/I Clinical Rotation Curriculum was designed to provide community-based allergists with a comprehensive allergy/immunology curriculum to use with trainees on elective rotations, in addition to allowing physicians to provide online, specialized training to new clinic staff.The curriculum focuses on seven topic areas, each with reading and multimedia materials, individual assessments, and a final evaluation.

AAAAI members interested in serving as volunteer faculty and sponsoring students, residents and allied health practitioners of all specialties in their practices can sign up here.

Students, residents and allied health practitioners of all specialties who are starting a rotation in an allergy/immunology practice should register here.  

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Small Group Facilitation Resources

Small group iconOne of the central concepts of adult learning theory, or Andragogy, is that the learning process is most successful when learners are actively engaged in problem-based, collaborative experiences. Small group learning experiences are ideal for this kind of active learning to take place. Click HERE for more information and access to a variety of resources to help you become a better small group educator.


Interactive Teaching & Learning Strategies

Ideas graphicIs it time to add some new teaching strategies to your educational activities? The best strategy is to encourage active participation by your learners, which will help them better comprehend, retain, and apply what you teach. Click HERE for access to some ideas that may help you in planning your activities.