The resources included on this page will help you to add new teaching strategies to your educational activity. These strategies encourage active participation by your learners, which will help them better retain, comprehend, and apply what you teach.

If you are presenting at the AAAAI Annual Meeting, your session may be designed to use one of these teaching strategies. However, these can be used in most education activities with appropriate planning. They include:

  • Audience Response System: Audience polling devices are an easy way to let participants express their views in a large session but require careful planning to make optimal use of the technology. This document outlines best practices for the use ARS systems, including the creation of polling questions.
  • The Flipped Classroom: The Flipped Classroom approach asks participants to do their homework before attending the event. Rather than having a lecturer deliver key concepts they cover these ahead of time through reading or multimedia materials. In this way the live event can be used to analyze the information, answer questions, and practice applying it.
  • The "Car Talk" Debate: Instead of a standard debate of opposing sides, this format asks two thought leaders to share their perspectives on questions posed by the audience.
  • Explanation of Session Formats: This document describes the various session formats used in the AAAAI Annual Meeting and can help to inform the planning of other educational events as well.
  • Moderator Worksheet: Designed for use at the AAAAI Annual Meeting, this form can help anyone facilitating an education event to effectively prepare to lead a live education program.
  • Session Planning Mini-Workbook: This resource, assembled by AAAAI member Dr. Alice Hoyt, provides a clear strategy and resources for planning the content of an education session that will achieve its learning objectives and impact learners.

We encourage you to review the resources included here and to make use of them in the activities you lead. 

New For in-depth instruction on planning and sharing an effective conference presentation, visit Presenting for Impact. This self-directed online course, offered by Tagoras, is offered free of charge and offers evidence-based suggestions for optimizing your teaching to ensure that learners achieve the outcomes you are addressing in your sessions.

If you have questions about any of these options, contact the AAAAI Education Staff at (414) 272-6071 or