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Welcome to the Allied Health Education learning page. This page was developed by the Allied Health Online Education workgroup. Whether you are a member or non-member of the AAAAI Allied Health Professionals Assembly, you are included in the target audience for this page.

In addition to offering continuing education opportunities for credit, there is a discussion area and recent news section to post topics of interest and concern to the overall Allied Health Community. Members of the Allied Health Leadership will be actively involved with the interactive discussion area. We are confident you will find this page an enhancement to your Allied Health practice.

- The Allied Health Leadership Team

Allied Health Leadership and Monitors

Current 2016-2017 Allied Health Leadership team.

  • Allied Health Professionals Assembly, Chairs
  1. Sally Noone, RN MSN CCRC
  2. Julie Wang, MD FAAAAI
  • Allied Health Education Committee, Chairs
  1. Kim Mudd, BSN MSN CCRP
  2. Mitchell H. Grayson, MD FAAAAI

Allied Health Continuing Education Activities

Virtual Annual Meeting:

  1. 2016 Virtual Annual Meeting - (Expires 05/31/2018)
  2. 2015 Virtual Annual Meeting - (Expires 05/31/2017)

Allergies, Asthma and Other Courses:

  1. The Life Spectrum of Asthma: Online (Expires 10/02/2018)
  2. Courses on Allergen Immunotherapy
  3. Courses on Food Allergy
  4. Core Concepts in Allergen Immunotherapy (Expires 12/31/2017) 
  5. Pulmonary Function Testing: Key Concepts (Expires 02/03/2018)
  6. Asthma IQ (Expires 03/31/2019) 

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